Jean Claude Van Johnson- Pilot

Starring: Jean Claude Van Damme, Kat Foster, Moises Arias, Phylicia Rashad

I really wanted to like this. I was rooting for JCVD. I wanted him to have a career resurgence. I think he’s earned it. This just is not a good show. I’m honestly surprised Amazon put this up for an audience. It’s dull, boring, and lifeless.

The show is about Jean Claude Van Damme, who is also a cover operative in addition to being a struggling actor. So, he’s playing himself, which worked in JCVD, and should in theory work here. In fact, I’d argue that he actually does a good job. It’s just the cast around him, and the writing that’s lifeless. I’d retool the whole thing, recast the whole thing, and move on.

Part of the problem is that in addition to being dull, his supporting cast does nothing to help the story. It’s also listed as a comedy, yet has no jokes. Maybe it attempted some jokes, and I missed it, but I honestly thought it was just a straight forward action show. Kat Foster is boring. I just don’t know why she was cast.

Don’t bother checking out this pilot. I can’t imagine Amazon picks it up to series. It’s pretty terrible.


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