The Tick- Pilot

Starring: Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines, Jackie Earle Haley

Another disappointing Amazon pilot. Should I even bother to check out I Love Dick? This one is slightly better than Jean Claude Van Johnson, but it’s still a far cry from either the live action version starring Patrick Warburton or the animated cartoon. It’s a dull reboot, and I have a terrible feeling Amazon is going to pick this up.

The cast is lifeless. Serafinowicz, who was funny in Spy, is a terrible Tick. He’s not Warburton, and he doesn’t really even try to put his own spin on it. It feels like he’s trying to be Warburton, like how Disney sequels hire voice actors that mimic the original talent. Charlie Murphy’s career basically exists because he sounds like Eddie Murphy. Griffin Newman is not interesting enough for me to care about him, and the rest of the cast barely has screentime. This pilot is basically riding on the shoulders of Newman, and I have to wonder… did no one else audition?

Amazon needs to get their shit together. They’re going from producing quality pilots to craptastic pilots. Not quite as bad as their Zombieland pilot was, but The Tick isn’t something I’d watch on a repeated basis.


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