Foreign Box Office: Did It Save Any Flops?

We’ve had a lot of flops this summer, and some disappointments. So, ultimately, how did they pan out at the foreign box office? Were any saved overseas?

X-Men Apocalypse: 155.4M Domestic, 388.1M Foreign
X-Men Apocalypse has made 543.6M this year worldwide. While it’s not mindblowing, it’s safe to say that X-Men has made enough to keep more X-Men films coming. However, Days Of Future Past made 513M foreign, so interest has dropped significantly.

Kung Fu Panda 3- 143.5M Domestic, 376.4M Foreign
While Kung Fu Panda 3 was only 20M short off Kung Fu Panda 2 domestically, the foreign gap was wide like X-Men. The second film made 500M overseas. Will there be a fourth? Maybe.

Warcraft- 47.2M Domestic, 386.3M Foreign
There has been legitimate talk of a sequel for Warcraft because of how much the film grossed in China. It might end up with a sequel that’s geared specifically at a China audience and doesn’t even get a domestic release (except maybe straight-to-video). Or, they could tone down the P&A and make it an off-season release, like in January.

Ice Age: Collision Course- 63.7M Domestic, 339.6M Foreign
Ice Age definitely flopped in its last outing at the box office. Even foreign box office was down. The last entry, Continental Drift, made 715M at the foreign box office. I can’t see Fox going with another Ice Age sequel. This basically showed that audiences are done with this franchise.

Independence Day: Resurgence- 103.1M Domestic, 283.3M Foreign
Honestly, I don’t think we were planning for a third Independence Day, but just in case there were plans, those are definitely scrapped. The last one made over 500M foreign, and that was back in 1996. The market has grown so much since then, that’s probably equal to 800M nowadays.

The Legend Of Tarzan- 126.6M Domestic, 229.4M Foreign
While it was not quite a hit, I’m not sure it was a flop either. I also don’t think the grosses are enough to warrant launching a franchise.

Angry Birds- 107.5M Domestic, 239M Foreign
Not really enough to warrant starting a franchise, but I hear that Angry Birds 2 is happening.

Star Trek Beyond- 158.2M Domestic, 178.3M Foreign
Not a great foreign box office. Will they make more Star Trek’s? Probably. But if the next one dips even lower, I’m not sure this franchise will go “beyond” a fourth. Into Darkness made 228M domestic, and 238M foreign.

Now You See Me 2- 65.1M Domestic, 269M Foreign
Well, the foreign box office was good. The sequel actually outgrossed the original overseas. That puts this as a question mark. I’m sure if they could make a low-cost affordable third film, they might try.

Alice Through The Looking Glass- 77M Domestic, 222M Foreign
Unquestionably a huge flop for Disney. Possibly the biggest flop of the summer. Alice In Wonderland made 691M overseas, so even other countries didn’t want this sequel.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2- 82.1M Domestic, 163.6M Foreign
The last one made 302M overseas, so this pathetic 163.6M total, in addition to the sad domestic gross, means the end of the Turtles… for now.

Ghostbusters- 127M Domestic, 100.7M Foreign
That’s not a great foreign total. There is still talk of a sequel, but I’m skeptical. That foreign total is low, and because the film is about ghosts, distribution in China is next to impossible.

Central Intelligence- 127M Domestic, 88M Foriegn
The foreign is a bit low, but it was one of the sleeper hits of the summer. A sequel is possible, but not guaranteed.

The Huntsman- 48M Domestic, 116.6M Foreign
Snow White and the Huntsman managed 241M at the foreign box office. So, considering The Huntsman flopped, there won’t be a third film in this series.

Pete’s Dragon- 74.4M Domestic, 48.2M Foreign
That’s not great. Not only did it do poorly domestically, but it did even worse overseas. Not that there was sequel potential, but it wasn’t saved overseas.

Neighbors 2- 55.3M Domestic, 52.6M Foreign
The first Neighbors had a 120M foreign take, so this is a disappointment either way. There won’t be a third.

Ben Hur- 26.3M Domestic, 60.8M Foreign
I can’t imagine there would have been a sequel even if this was a hit, but it wasn’t saved by overseas grosses. It won’t come close to breaking even.

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