Weekend Box Office: ‘Peregrine’ Way Out In Front

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children is running away with the weekend, though some people are wondering if 26M is enough. Peregrine is getting a B+ cinemascore, which is suggesting it might leg out around 75M. Burton carries well overseas, so this film could easily do well overseas. It has to because Peregrine’s cost 110M.

Deepwater Horizon is performing well, hitting 20M this weekend. However, the film carries a 118M production cost. So, some people are wondering if it can still be profitable with a 20M opening. It’s sad that we live in a world where a film can open to 20M in September and still not be on a path to profitability. Deepwater Horizon does have an A- cinemascore, which has some believing it might follow the path of Sully. Still, Sully had a higher opening weekend. However, if Deepwater managed to do a 4X multiplier, 80M isn’t a bad finish, and means the film doesn’t have to work as hard at the foreign box office.

Masterminds opened this weekend, and was considerably below projections, especially for a film starring Owen Wilson, Zach Galafanakis, Kristen Wiig, and Jason Sudekis. Plus, the film had a decent marketing campaign behind it. Audiences aren’t having it, giving it a B- cinemascore, on top of an already low Rotten Tomatoes score. Masterminds would be lucky to get 20M as a final.

Queen Of Katwe expanded this weekend, but no one cared. The well-reviewed film just isn’t tapping into moviegoers minds, as they’d rather pick something else.

The Magnificent Seven is down 55% in week two. Not terrible, but nothing to be excited about. Storks, however, dipped only 34%, proving it has much stronger legs. Another “strong legs” film is Sully, which is down only 39%.

In limited release, Denial and American Honey are both starting well. Denial has a per screen of 24K, and American Honey has a per screen of 18K.

1) Miss Peregrine- 26M Weekend, 26M Total
2) Deepwater Horizon- 20M Weekend, 20M Total
3) Magnificent Seven- 15.6M Weekend, 61.5M Total
4) Storks- 14M Weekend, 39M Total
5) Sully- 8.2M Weekend, 105.2M Total
6) Masterminds- 6.4M Weekend, 6.4M Total
7) Don’t Breathe- 2.5M Weekend, 85M Total
8) Bridget Jones’s Baby- 2.2M Weekend, 21M Total
9) Queen Of Katwe- 2.1M Weekend, 2.5M Total
10) Suicide Squad- 1.8M Weekend, 320.8M Total
??) Denial- 120K Weekend, 120K Total
??) American Honey- 74K Weekend, 74K Total

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