Friday Box Office: Tom Cruise Vs Madea

It looks like there is life in both the Jack Reacher franchise and the Madea franchise as the two films battle for the top spot. Ouija is kind of disappointing, though the film did only cost 9M to make, so its still headed for profitability. However, the Ouija sequel managed only a C cinemascore (same as the original) so legs are not going to be there. It’s a little surprising considering that critics liked it, but pretty par for the course for a horror film. Keeping Up With The Joneses is the true flop of the weekend, coming in below its already low estimates, and with a B- cinemascore. Zach Galafanakis needs a Hangover sequel, STAT!

How are the other two faring? Well, Jack Reacher 2 earned a B+ cinemascore, down from the A- for the original, and Boo! inexplicably earned an A cinemascore. Not an A-, but an A. So, word of mouth this weekend is with… Tyler Perry? Who saw that coming?

1) Jack Reacher 2- 9M Friday, 24.5M Weekend
2) Boo! A Madea Halloween- 9.1M Friday, 23.5M Weekend
3) The Accountant- 4.5M Friday, 15M Weekend
4) Ouija: Origin Of Evil- 5.3M Friday, 12.5M Weekend
5) The Girl On The Train- 2.4M Friday, 7.5M Weekend
6) Miss Peregrine- 1.6M Friday, 6.5M Weekend
7) Keeping Up With The Joneses- 2.1M Friday, 6M Weekend
8) Storks- 1.1M Friday, 4.5M Weekend
9) Deepwater Horizon- 1.1M Friday, 4M Weekend
10) Kevin Hart: What Now?- 1.3M Friday, 4M Weekend
??) I’m Not Ashamed- 280K Friday, 892K Weekend
??) Moonlight- 110K Friday, 331K Weekend

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