Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life

Starring: Griffin Gluck, Andrew Daly, Thomas Barbusca, Alexa Nisenson, Adam Pally, Rob Riggle, Lauren Graham, Retta, Efren Ramirez
Directed By: Steve Carr

Plot: Rafe (Gluck) has just transferred to a new middle school, where the Principal is a control freak with a list of soul crushing rules. After he destroys Rafe’s sketch book, he decides to retaliate by breaking every rule in the book.

What Works: I enjoyed this for what it was. I felt like as an adult, I wanted to step in and tell the Principal that he can’t treat my kids like that. All this film needed was one concerned parent who thought he was taking things a bit too far, and we wouldn’t really have a movie. But, alas, the parents don’t seem to care, so the kids have to take matters into their own hands. The kids in the film are good, and the film has an added twist into it. I kinda saw it coming, but I still didn’t quite expect the actual representation of the twist itself. Daly does a good job being an unlikable character, and Riggle is excellent as a douchebag. I’m also excited anytime Adam Pally gets to do his thing. He’s one of my favorite underrated talents. This film also has some really cool animated sequences that are better animated than some full-length features. I saw this on DVD, and there was a trailer for an upcoming film called Rock Dog that looks terrible. This has better animation than an actual animated film. That’s pretty sad.

What Doesn’t Work: Again, if there were just some concerned parents. There’s a girl who is clearly an overachiever who is put in detention for two weeks because she’s trying to save polar bears. Are you telling me her parents didn’t think something was strange and didn’t march into the Principal’s office the next day? Seriously?

Final Word: Probably should have gotten more attention in theatres than it actually got. It’s a cute film for the whole family, and I think parents might enjoy it too. It’s a little like the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series, but I think this is slightly better. I’d watch a sequel.

Final Grade: B+

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