Box Office Predictions: ‘Star Wars’ Vs ‘Blood Wars’

Star Wars is looking to win this weekend, even with a hard hit coming out of the holidays. Hidden Figures is the only film that’s being set up as a potential breakout. It’s tracking in the high teens, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it broke into the low 20’s. It can’t beat Star Wars though.

One thing is for sure, Underworld is a dead franchise. It’s tracking in the low-teens, and that’s assuming word of mouth isn’t awful. If this film gets a bad cinemascore, we could see a drop in that projection.

The other new movie is A Monster Calls, which is doing so-so in limited release. It’s an Oscar contender that hasn’t been picking up enough steam. It widens into only 1500 locations, which is going to make it tough to get into the top 10. Critics do love it, with an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, and that could help it eek into the Top 10.

1) Star Wars: Rogue One- 25M Weekend, 484M Total
2) Sing- 21M Weekend, 218M Total
3) Hidden Figures- 18M Weekend, 21M Total
4) Underworld: Blood Wars- 14M Weekend, 14M Total
5) Passengers- 9M Weekend, 81M Total
6) Moana- 6.5M Weekend, 226M Total
7) Fences- 6.5M Weekend, 42M Total
8) Why Him- 6M Weekend, 48M Total
9) La La Land- 6M Weekend, 47M Total
10) A Monster Calls- 5M Weekend, 5M Total

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