Stolen AMA- The First One

I wanted to start getting some more comments going on my site, and I haven’t been getting a lot of questions messaged to me, so I had to steal an AMA from someone to get this started. Two of my favorite youtubers, Chris Stuckmann and John Flickster did an AMA awhile back, and they had a lot of great questions, so I thought I’d borrow some of theirs for my first Ask Me Anything. If you have a question, comment below and I’ll try and answer them next time I do this segment.

1) Top Three Spielberg Movies:
Jurassic Park is one of my favorites of all time, so I have to pick that. Jaws really changed the game, and it absolutely deserves to be picked. The third film is hard, because I really want to choose Hook, because it’s a personal favorite of mine. But how do you leave out the Indiana Jones movies? Or Saving Private Ryan? I even feel bad leaving off Minority Report. It’s easier for me to pick Jurassic Park and Jaws, because they’re both so iconic and are probably a big reason I love and write about film, but when I pick a third, it shoves the others out… so I’m gonna cop out and only pick two.

2) Who is your favorite live action Batman actor?
I have to go with Christian Bale. I think the only one I really don’t like is George Clooney. There’s even a very special place in my heart for Val Kilmer. But Christian Bale brought a realism to Bruce Wayne and Batman that has to be commended, and really changed the game, and changed the superhero genre.

3) Favorite Tom Cruise movie?
I think Minority Report is my favorite Tom Cruise movie, where he’s the clear star in the film. However, I kinda also want to say Tropic Thunder, but he’s such a supporting character. I also really love him as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible franchise, and he was really good in Collateral and Jerry Maguire.

4) If you could be any movie character, not DC, Marvel or Star Wars, who would you be?
Tough question. I think I’d go with Andrew Shepard in The American President, my favorite film. I’d love to spend some time in that world. And you’d get to be President, which I think is a huge win. I’d also pick Jed Bartlett from The West Wing if I was doing TV shows, so I think I just want to be President for a day. I couldn’t do any worse than our current President, right?

5) Best Cheesy Action Movie of All Time?
There are a bunch that could qualify here. I don’t want to blow through IMDB for this, but I have a very special place in my heart for Armageddon. I don’t think anyone thinks that’s a great movie, but damn is it entertaining. I could watch that anytime. Mortal Kombat also came to mind. Also, Poseidon… the remake. With Richard Dreyfuss and Josh Lucas. That’s pretty cheesy, but I enjoy it.

6) Best Movie You Thought Would Be Good But Sucked?
I had high hopes for the Fantastic Four reboot, but that was awful. The Internship, bringing Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn back together really let me down. Spider-Man 3 was a huge letdown. Insurgent and Allegiant both fall under this category for me too, because I kinda liked the first Divergent film, but the sequels are awful. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so disappointing. I think there are a lot of films. I could go on forever.

7) How could you make a worse superhero film than Batman and Robin?
I think it’s already been done. I think Elektra is almost unwatchable. I also really hated Ang Lee’s The Hulk. There’s a cheesy watchability to Batman and Robin. I’d much rather sit through that than either Elektra or Hulk. And the aforementioned Fantastic Four reboot was terrible too. I’m also pretty sure I’d rather watch Batman and Robin than X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

8) What is your least favorite villain in a movie?
Christoph Waltz in Spectre was pretty terrible, especially considering who he was following. Also, most Marvel villains have been a letdown. #unpopularopinion. Not all, but most.

9) Actor or Actress you just don’t like?
I’m not really a Kristen Stewart fan, or really Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson. Jai Courtney. Sullivan Stapleton. Amber Heard. Jason Alexander.

10) First movie I remember seeing and loving in the theatre?
Wow. I don’t remember a lot of my childhood film experiences, but I do remember seeing The Flintstones in theatres, and I was a kid, and I loved it. I can remember seeing a few others in theatres, but I think i loved The Flintstones the most. I actually fell asleep in Batman as a little kid. I remember seeing the Tom and Jerry movie in theatres, the third Ninja Turtles film, and City Slickers. I think those are the oldest movies I remember seeing in theatres.

11) What film you thought was going to be terrible, and it turned out really good?
Barbershop 3 comes to mind recently. Edge Of Tomorrow was a huge surprise for me. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was way better than I expected.

12) If you could stop any film from being made, what would it be?
Since Chris and John took this as meaning “film in production”, I’ll go with a film that hasn’t come out yet. We don’t need any more Purge films.

13) Top Three Tom Hardy Performances?
Actual PERFORMANCES? Well, he was great in Warrior, so I have to pick that. And of course The Revenant. For the third, I’ll pick Mad Max: Fury Road.

14) If you had a chance to make any movie, what genre would it be, and who would you cast?
I’m a huge fan of the X-Men universe, and if at any point they decided to reboot the X-Men core universe, I would love to helm that. I’m not sure who I would cast, but if I could direct one film, it would be an X-Men reboot starting from the beginning of the universe, with the actual original X-Men (Cyclops, Beast, Jean, Iceman, Angel).

15) What are some things you wish you’d see more often in films?
STOP PUTTING A THOUSAND CUTS IN ACTION SEQUENCES. I’m tired of that. I’d much rather see a better edited fight sequence, like John Wick, than the absurd action scenes in something like XXX3. Stunts are cool, but when we get to hand to hand combat, stop making a thousand cuts. I also miss smart films, like The Accountant, which require actually paying attention and slowly putting puzzle pieces together.

16) What inspired you to be who you are now?
Great actors. I also act and direct from time to time, and I’d say that so many actors are responsible for my love of film, and my love of acting. Robin Williams, Brian Cox, Chris Farley, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, and probably some more. I’ve loved movies and TV as long as I can remember.

17) Scariest movie I’ve ever seen.
I’ve got a few. I saw Jaws as a kid, and that was terrifying. I also saw Psycho when I was like 10 or 11, and that killed me. When I got older, I was still getting scared by films like The Ring and The Grudge.

So those are the questions. I hope I didn’t cover everything. Let’s get some questions going so I don’t have to steal more question for the next AMA.

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