Box Office Predictions: How High Will ‘Get Out’ Go?

Mind you, this is a horror film that STILL has a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes the day before it begins its Thursday evening showings. 30 reviews counted so far, all Fresh. Get Out is definitely a super buzzy horror film, in the same way Split was, and Don’t Breathe was last summer. Split opened to 40M and has made 125M to date, and Don’t Breathe opened to 26.4M on its way to 89.2M. Since Get Out is R rated, it probably won’t hit the heights of Split. A lot of box office wizards will try and say this film is tracking at 20M, but we all know that’s some bullshit. Everyone you know is at least somewhat interested in seeing this film for one reason or another. And it couldn’t come at a better time, both culturally, and on the release calendar. All of last weekends films failed to impress, and it is opening against Collide and Rock Dog, both which are unlikely to even make the top 10.

1) Get Out- 32M Weekend, 32M Total
2) The LEGO Batman Movie- 20M Weekend, 134M Total
3) Fifty Shades Darker- 11M Weekend, 108M Total
4) John Wick 2- 10M Weekend, 76M Total
5) The Great Wall- 8M Weekend, 34M Total
6) Fist Fight- 6M Weekend, 24M Total
7) Hidden Figures- 6M Weekend, 153M Total
8) Split- 5.5M Weekend, 133M Total
9) A Dog’s Purpose- 4.5M Weekend, 58M Total
10) La La Land- 4M Weekend. 140M Total
??) Rock Dog- 3M Weekend, 3M Total
??) Collide- 2M Weekend, 2M Total

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