RIP Bill Paxton

On a day when we are celebrating the best in film, we find out that legendary Bill Paxton has passed away at the rather young age of 61. It was a huge shock to the industry, and everyone from Peter Fonda to Tom Hanks has been tweeting their condolences. The first time I saw Bill Paxton was actually in Apollo 13. Then it seemed like I saw seeing him all over the place. Titanic, Twister, The Evening Star, Mighty Joe Young, and my eventual late viewing of True Lies. 20 roles later, and I can say that he has left a permanent mark on my film watching.

Sadly, he was never nominated for an Oscar for any of his performances. He was nominated for three Golden Globes for Big Love, and another for the TV movie A Bright Shining Lie. He was never nominated for an Emmy for Big Love, but managed an Emmy nomination for Hatfields and McCoys. He did win a SAG award as part of the ensemble of Apollo 13.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to his CBS Drama Training Day.

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