ABC’s Bubble Shows: An Analysis

Many of the networks have already started renewing series for next season. That leaves a handful of shows on the table, typically called “bubble shows”. Here’s my analysis of those shows and whether or not they’re likely to come back.

For reference, ABC has already renewed: Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, The Middle, Scandal.

American Crime- Should Be Renewed
I know that American Crime isn’t a ratings juggernaut for ABC, but it remains a prestige drama for them. It gets Emmy’s, and that’s still worth something. Plus, there are a bunch of new debuts from ABC that just didn’t work this year. I fully expect ABC to pick up American Crime for a fourth season. The syndication card doesn’t quite apply here, as American Crime doesn’t run full 22 episode seasons.

America’s Funniest- Will Be Renewed
ABC isn’t going to cancel this show that’s been on since the beginning of time.

American Housewife-Should Be Renewed
ABC did pretty well with their comedies this year. I’m expecting American Housewife to get a renewal for season two. It’s not a huge performer for them, but it has likely done enough.

The Bachelor- Will Be Renewed
I’m surprised it hasn’t been renewed already.

Black-ish- Will Be Renewed
Absolutely. It’s a buzzy show, with decent ratings. It thrives creatively. There’s no reason to drop the axe.

The Catch- Should Be Cancelled
I never count out Shonda Rhimes and her ability to get ABC to renew this struggling show for a third season. However, it drags down the TGIT lineup. They tried to creatively reboot the drama, and it didn’t work. How long will ABC stick with a struggling Shonda Rhimes show?

Conviction- Will Be Cancelled
Technically not cancelled, but basically it was.

Dancing With The Stars- Will Be Renewed
Again, I’m not sure why it hasn’t already been renewed. Yes, its struggling, but it is still a decent performer for ABC.

Designated Survivor- Will Be Renewed
Probably the only bright spot in their new dramas. It has dipped in the ratings since premiering, but it still feels creatively strong enough to get a second season, and I think the demand is there.

Dr Ken- Should Be Cancelled
I think with the strength of the other comedies in the lineup, ABC doesn’t need the struggling Friday comedies. They’re going to want to order new sitcoms, and with American Housewife and Speechless looking solid, Dr Ken and Last Man Standing might be out.

Fresh Off The Boat- Will Be Renewed
Another solid performer for ABC.

The Goldbergs- Will Be Renewed
A good sign for a show is when the network starts developing a spinoff. That basically locks the original in for another season (at least).

Last Man Standing- Should Be Cancelled
I think this might be the season that Tim Allen’s struggling sitcom gets the axe. It’s an OK performer for Friday night, but with ABC having such solid success with their other sitcoms, they have to free up some time for new shows to debut. I think that means the Friday night shows go. I could see them shifting The Middle and something else to Friday instead.

Modern Family- Will Be Renewed
The only reason this wasn’t renewed already was because of contract negotiations, which I hear have been solidified since. I expect this to be renewed very soon.

Notorious- Will Be Cancelled
Notorious is like Conviction. Essentially already cancelled.

Once Upon A Time- Should Be Renewed
Once Upon A Time is looking at a reboot for next season. I don’t think it will work, but I think ABC wants to try. It probably has one season left in it, again, because I don’t think the reboot will work.

Quantico- Should Be Cancelled
ABC has tried to save Quantico. It has had several creative relaunches, yet the ratings haven’t stopped dipping. It’s only in season two, so ABC is still cutting its ties early. I think its more likely that ABC gives The Catch a third season than Quantico.

The Real O’Neals- Should Be Renewed
Yes, the lead actor in the show is an asshat,but I still think this show does enough for ABC to stick with it. It might even get a Friday night slot.

Secrets And Lies- Should Be Cancelled
The first season wasn’t that strong of a performer, and the second was down from that. I can’t see ABC sticking with Secrets and Lies. American Crime makes sense. This doesn’t.

Shark Tank- Will Be Renewed
There’s already a spinoff (The Toy Box), so this is a definite renewal.

Speechless- Should Be Renewed
I think that Speechless has done enough to warrant a renewal. I think if it came down to Speechless over American Housewife, it would be Speechless.

Time After Time- Should Be Cancelled
This isn’t working. Another drama bomb for ABC this season.

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