Friday Box Office: I Was Wrong About ‘Boss Baby’

I totally thought that Boss Baby was going to be another Mr Peabody and Sherman. It had all the makings. It was another Dreamworks animated film opening in March. Boss Baby has a rather disappointing Rotten Tomatoes score (48%) which actually has gone up since the films release. I thought Beauty and the Beast was going to suck the air out of the room for Boss Baby, but the Alec Baldwin pic has proved me wrong. It’s now looking like Boss Baby will do 51M over three days when I had projected only 25M. I was way off.

I was on point with regards to Ghost In The Shell, which started on Friday with 7.6M and looks to be finishing right at 20M, where I projected it. I’m only a little off of my projection for Beauty and the Beast, which I had at 45M, when it will do 48M. Power Rangers fell harder than expected, -66% for the weekend. Life also dropped harder than I expected, -55%. Surprisingly, the softest drop of last weeks new releases was CHIPS, -48%, and its also the most critically despised. CHIPS has the lowest RT score of any film in the top 10. I was also wrong about The Zookeepers Wife, which looks to do enough to crack the top 10 (sorry, The Shack). Not all was bad though, as my projections for Logan, Get Out, and CHIPS were all within 500K, and I was only 1M off on Kong: Skull Island.

Your new top 10 projections:
1) The Boss Baby- 51M Weekend, 51M Total
2) Beauty and the Beast- 48M Weekend, 396M Total
3) Ghost In The Shell- 20M Weekend, 20M Total
4) Power Rangers- 13M Weekend, 64M Total
5) Kong: Skull Island- 9M Weekend, 148M Total
6) Logan- 6.5M Weekend, 212M Total
7) Get Out- 6M Weekend, 157M Total
8) Life- 5.5M Weekend, 22M Total
9) CHIPS- 4M, 14M Total
10) The Zookeeper’s Wife- 3M Weekend, 3M Total

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