FOX’s Bubble Shows: An Analysis

As we move on to the third network in my Bubble Show predictions, we take a look at FOX. FOX has already renewed a handful of shows, including Lucifer, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, and Empire. Here’s how the rest of them will likely fall:

24 Legacy- Should Be Cancelled
After debuting strong, ratings on this 24 reboot have been steadily dropping. It’s a hard cut for the network, but to continue with a subpar spinoff doesn’t seem likely. With Kiefer Sutherland tied to Designated Survivor, it’s also unlikely that we’ll see a version with him attached in any way. There isn’t really a creative way to save this show, so I think FOX is going to drop the axe.

APB- Will Be Cancelled
It’s just not a show that made any kind of impact. The ratings aren’t good, and no one seems to be talking about it. You might not even know FOX has a show called APB. In which case, you should understand why this show is getting the axe.

Brooklyn Nine Nine- Will Be Renewed
Despite struggling ratings, this is still a solid performer of sorts for FOX. It gets shifted around a lot, making it now a utility player for FOX. It plugs holes, and it does so seemingly well. Plus, we’re in syndication territory now, and that’s always money in the bank.

The Exorcist- Should Be Cancelled
I say should be, despite the fact that the show never got a back-nine order. This is because apparently FOX has openly explored the possibility of a second season. Honestly, it was on Friday, and ratings could only go just so high, so it wasn’t really that bad of a performer for FOX. But when you consider that it had a brand attached to it already, it should have had more eyes. I think once FOX sees their pilots for the fall season, they won’t stick with The Exorcist… though stranger things have happened.

Family Guy- Will Be Renewed
I’m kinda surprised that this hasn’t been renewed, but Bob’s Burgers has. I know Family Guy isn’t as big as it used to be, but neither is The Simpsons. Still, both shows have fans, and do well in syndication/streaming. I can’t imagine FOX dropping the axe on this, even in my wildest imaginations.

Gotham-Should Be Renewed
They’ve stuck with it this long. A cancellation without a series finale at this point would just piss off the loyal fans who have stuck with it this long through several creative reboots. Worst case scenario: it gets shoved to Fridays.

Hell’s Kitchen- Will Be Renewed
There’s a strike looming. Solid reality performers shouldn’t be at all concerned about their prospects, especially if the strike actually happens.

The Last Man On Earth- Should Be Renewed
This one I’m a bit more on the fence about. This is one show that hasn’t been utilized as a utility player, and has seen its ratings slowly decline. Still, I also think it’s on the verge of reaching syndication, and that is always a factor.

Making History- Should Be Cancelled
I’m giving this a “should be” because I think it has a stronger chance than Son Of Zorn, which had more time to prove its worth… and never did. Making History never really made waves, and I think that wlll be the reason it gets axed, but it could also potentially get a second season order if FOX doesn’t like any of its pilots. Then again, you have the Adam Pally thing, and will FOX pick up a show whose lead was just busted recently for possession?

Masterchef Junior- Will Be Renewed
Again, it’s a reality show. Most reality shows shouldn’t have anything to worry about, as they don’t require a writing team and are unaffected by the writers strike.

The New Girl- Should Be Cancelled
I think FOX might let this one go. It kinda sorta had a series finale (unofficially) because it knew it might not come back. Instead of forcing FOX’s hand, it took the safe way out and tried to wrap things up a bit. I think this could be a huge surprise to many. I almost wish the creators had forced FOX’s hand, and not wrapped up storylines, making FOX order one more season in order to give The New Girl a proper send off. It might still get renewed, but something tells me that doing a half-series finale wasn’t the smartest move.

Pitch- Should Be Cancelled
Believe it or not, a second season of Pitch is still on the table. This was a show with a lot of support from family groups who were glad there was a primetime show that was low on sex that they could watch with their daughters. Unfortunately, that seemed to be a limited audience. Would I be surprised by a second season of Pitch? Not entirely, but I just think FOX will have stronger pilots that will lead to the cancellation of Pitch (and The Exorcist).

Prison Break- We May Have To Wait
Judging by how The X-Files took a year off, I’m thinking we might not get an answer on Prison Break at the upfronts. FOX may not “renew” or “cancel” the show right away, instead choosing to explore options. This could lead to it being quietly cancelled, as no deal was reached, or lack of new ideas. I don’t think the intention was to return Prison Break to the regular rotation, and it might be used like The X-Files in limited spurts.

Rosewood- Will Be Cancelled
I can’t think of a reason FOX will renew this for a third season. The ratings are just abysmal, as Rosewood is one of the lowest-rated shows on TV.

Scream Queens- Will Be Cancelled
I can see why they wanted to try a second season, but I can’t see why they’d go with a third. Even if Ryan Murphy had a great pitch for a third season, the second was below the first, and was one of the lowest rated shows for the network. There’s no real upside to keeping this around.

Shots Fired- Should Be Cancelled
I think FOX was hoping for an American Crime prestige drama, but no one seems to be talking about Shots Fired the same way they talk about American Crime. The ratings aren’t awful, and maybe FOX will stick with it and see if it gets any Emmy noms. It would definitely suck to drop the axe, and then find out it got a handful of noms, and you killed it. I just don’t think it’s going to be an Emmy contender.

Sleepy Hollow- Should Be Cancelled
The reboot didn’t work. I know FOX loves this show, but at some point, you have to let it go. Stop beating a dead horse.

Son Of Zorn- Will Be Cancelled
It had its chance to perform, and it didn’t. I think Zorn is done.

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