Friday Box Office: ‘Guardians’ On Low End Of Expectations, Still Crushing Competition

Even though Guardians was projected to do 140-160M at the box office this weekend, the new estimate of 138M isn’t that far off. So, don’t call this a disappointment just yet. 2M off of the projected range is pretty spot on, especially when the range was 20M wide to begin with. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 also has the distinction of being the 10th cinemascored A film in the MCU, so there’s that. Having an A cinemascore bodes well for its long term prospects, and that will help push word of mouth in the coming, more crowded weeks.

I am surprised to see How To Be A Latin Lover dropping 57% in Week Two. I thought it would have better legs than that. It dropped the same as The Circle, which I thought would fall apart in week two given its bad buzz and D cinemascore. If these estimates hold, Beauty and the Beast will finally surpass Finding Dory to become the 8th highest grossing film of all time Domestically. As I’ve said before, that’s as high as it can go. #7 is Rogue One, which sits at 532M, and Beauty and the Beast just doesn’t have enough gas to go that high.

1) Guardians Of The Galaxy-56M Friday, 138M Weekend, 138M Total
2) The Fate Of The Furious- 2.3M Friday, 8.6M Weekend, 207.1M Total
3) The Boss Baby- 1.3M Friday, 6M Weekend, 156.6M Total
4) How To Be A Latin Lover- 1.3M Friday, 5M Weekend, 20.4M Total
5) Beauty and the Beast- 1.2M Friday, 4.8M Weekend, 487.4M Total
6) The Circle- 1.1M Friday, 3.7M Weekend, 15.4M Total
7) Baahubali 2- 889K Friday, 3.1M Weekend, 16M Total
8) Gifted- 571K Friday, 2,1M Weekend, 19.3M Total
9) Going In Style- 530K Friday, 2M Weekend, 40.7M Total
10) Smurfs: The Lost Village- 361K Friday, 1.7M Weekend, 40.4M Total

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