Box Office Predictions: ‘Transformers’ To Set A Series Low

As we’ve already seen this summer, people no longer give two fucks about anything. All they seem to care about are Guardians, Wonder Woman, and Tupac. Most sequels have been opening below their predecessor, with Cars 3 and Alien Covenant being notable examples of franchise fatigue. So what does that mean for Transformers: The Last Knight? Age Of Extinction, the fourth entry, opened to 100M, but topped out at 245M. Not even a 3X multiplier, due in large part to the fourth installment being the worst installment of the franchise. Since this seems to be more of the same, just with an addition of Anthony Hopkins, expect audiences to shun yet another big budget extravaganza this year.

Transformers has the distinction of being the only wide release this weekend, so it’ll be all about holdovers and catching up on films you feel like you missed.

Next weekend, can Despicable Me 3 break the trend? Can The House be the first comedy hit of the summer? Or, not?

1) Transformers 5- 60M Weekend, 75M Total
2) Cars 3- 32M Weekend, 96M Total
3) Wonder Woman- 27M Weekend, 321M Total
4) All Eyez On Me- 13M Weekend, 47M Total
5) The Mummy- 8M Weekend, 70M Total
6) 47 Meters Down- 5M Weekend, 21M Total
7) Pirates 5- 5M Weekend, 159M Total
8) Rough Night- 4.5M Weekend, 16M Total
9) Captain Underpants- 4.5M Weekend, 66M Total
10) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2- 4M Weekend, 381M Total

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