New Academy Voting Members- My Thoughts

The Academy invited 774 people to their voting ranks. No, I’m not going to give my thoughts individually on 774 people. That would be insane. However, I’m always amazed at how quickly it takes some people, and how long it takes others.

Riz Ahmed- Wow. That was fast. This has to be because of the diversity push. He’s still relatively unknown, yet he’s now a voting member. I think he’s a good actor, but there are some other names on this list that had to wait a lot longer than Riz Ahmed.

Debbie Allen- If you had asked me, I would have assumed Debbie Allen was already a voting member. I mean, Vivica A Fox is a voting member. Ice Cube is a voting member. They’re just now getting to Debbie Allen?

Monica Bellucci- Finally?

Daniel Bruhl- I feel like this is an example of “the right time”. He’s been around now for a few years, churning out good work. I’d say, perfect time for Daniel Bruhl to be invited. This is the level of which I’d expect for this list.

John Cho- Like Bruhl, I feel like this is just now getting to be Cho’s time, even though he’s been around a little longer. Cho’s performances weren’t always “Oscar worthy”, but he’s been trying to do more serious stuff recently, and it’s nice to see him rewarded.

Priyanka Chopra- A little fast, but I understand she was a big deal in India before transitioning to American cinema.

Matt Craven- Wow. It’s nice to see a character actor finally getting his due. This guy has been around FOREVER. I’m impressed someone remembered to include him on this list.

Terry Crews- I’m not sure Crews has earned it yet, but I’m not mad either.

Warwick Davis- How was he not already invited? This guy should have been a voting member for the last twenty years. This is WAY overdue.

Colman Domingo- A little fast. He’s a good actor, but I’m not sure he’s had any breakthrough work just yet. He probably needed another year or two, to be honest.

Adam Driver- I expected this.

Joel Edgerton- Another obvious choice, and with good timing.

Chris Evans- I’m surprised he wasn’t picked already, maybe a year or two earlier, but I’m OK with his inclusion.

Luke Evans- Maybe a year early. I feel like he was picked for Beauty and the Beast, which would have made more sense to pick him next year.

Elle Fanning- Man, I really hope Dakota is already a voting member…

Anna Faris- while nothing she’s done suggests she’s Oscar worthy, she’s been acting now for almost twenty years. That has to count for something.

Tom Felton- I suppose he’s proven that he has staying power outside of the Harry Potter franchise, though I hope Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson are already voting members.

Rebecca Ferguson- Perfect timing, considering her trajectory.

Lou Ferrigno- I mean, I guess…

Gal Gadot- OBVIOUSLY because of Wonder Woman. Super quick induction.

Charlotte Gainsbourg- Probably should have already been a voting member, but it’s good that she’s in now. She probably was flying under the radar a lot.

Domnhall Gleeson- Another good choice based on timing and trajectory.

Donald Glover- It’s his time. Definitely.

Judy Greer- Another good choice based on timing and body of work.

Rupert Grint- I mean, if Felton’s in now… why not Grint?

Noel Gugliemi- An underrated character actor often cast in gang banger roles. A surprising choice, but also an inspired one. He’s been successfully doing his thing now for like 20 years.

Jon Hamm- I feel like this should have already happened a few years ago. Late to the party.

Armie Hammer- A good choice, good timing.

Naomie Harris- Duh.

Anne Heche- I’m surprised she wasn’t already a voting member, considering she was a much bigger deal in the 90’s than she is today.

Lucas Hedges- Duh.

Chris Hemsworth- If Captain America is in, I guess Thor is too. I wonder when Luke will get his invite?

Ciaran Hinds- Wow. This guy should have already been a voting member. Terrific actor. Really late to the party.

Aldis Hodge- I might have waited a year or two, like Coleman Domingo.

Bryce Dallas Howard- I’m surprised she wasn’t already a voting member a year or two ago.

Bonnie Hunt- Again, another huge surprise. She was big in the 90’s. Why is she just now getting her invite?

Dwayne Johnson- How was he not already in? He’s the biggest star on the planet? He’s just NOW earning his invite? At the same time as Riz Ahmed? That’s almost an insult. You guys invited Ice Cube last year, but not Dwayne Johnson? Really?

Leslie Jones- That was kinda fast…

Keegan Michael Key- I mean, I get it, but most of his work is comedic. He could have waited a year or two.

Zoe Kravitz- I’m not surprised. Seems like decent timing.

Sanaa Lathan- Wait, you guys invited Vivica A Fox last year and NOT Sanaa Lathan? What?

Rami Malek- A little quick if you look at his film resume. If you just watch Mr Robot, a TV show, then… I guess?

Leslie Mann- Should have already been in.

Kate McKinnon- Good timing.

Sienna Miller- Should have already been in.

Janelle Monae- I get it. Seems quick, but I get it.

Michelle Monaghan- Good timing, maybe a year too late.

Viggo Mortensen- HOW. IN. THE. FUCK. he’s a multiple Oscar nominee? How was he NOT already a voting member? Seriously. What in the fuck. You invite Lucas Hedges after one film, but Viggo has to wait his whole fucking career to get an invite?

Ruth Negga- Duh.

Elizabeth Olsen- Makes sense. Good timing. She’s done some really great work.

Sarah Paulson- Based on her film work, this still seems a bit rushed. Based on her TV work, it would be a no brainer.

Amy Poehler- Good timing, I suppose. Probably should have already been in.

Chris Pratt- Good timing.

Zachary Quinto- Good timing.

Edgar Ramirez- Good timing.

Margot Robbie- Good timing.

Maya Rudolph- Possibly a year or two too late, but decent timing.

Rodrigo Santoro- I don’t think he’s earned it yet. Too early.

Rade Serbedzija- Another great character actor gets recognized. I love it.

Amanda Seyfried- I honestly would have assumed she was already in.

Molly Shannon- After Other People, how could they NOT invite her?

Hailee Steinfeld- Again, an Oscar nominee just now getting her invite? What the hell.

Kristen Stewart- I’m surprised she wasn’t already a member.

Wanda Sykes- I get it.

Channing Tatum- I could have sworn he got an invite already. What’s the deal?

Aaron Taylor Johnson- Duh.

Jeanne Tripplehorn- WAAAAAY late. She was big in the 90’s and is just now getting her invite.

Betty White- SUUUUPER late. But, she is primarily a TV actress… soo….

Shailene Woodley- I’m surprised she didn’t earn one after The Fault In Their Stars or Divergent or The Descendants. Why now?

Oh, and Jordan Peele got an invite to the director’s branch just a few months after his first film. That seems kinda shady. And Joss Whedon finally got a Writers branch invite.

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