Box Office Projections: How Amazing Will ‘Homecoming’ Be?

So the question is, will Spider-Man break 100M? He has managed to do that twice, with both Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3 (the Raimi era movies) making over 100M. The last Spidey solo effort, Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened to 91M, and finished at 202M. There’s definitely some fatigue to factor in here, though I’m not sure how much fatigue there is. It’s possible that this new Spidey, which has been registering some really strong reviews, could carry itself not just a little above 100M, but considerably above 100M. It’s the only new wide release this weekend, so its biggest competition is the second weekend of Despicable Me 3. One thing has been going well this summer at the box office, and that’s comic book films. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Wonder Woman are the two highest grossing films so far this summer, and I’m betting Spider-Man Homecoming will be third.

Next weekend, people are trying to figure out how the rave reviews for War For The Planet Of The Apes will affect its box office. Can it go as high as 70M? Or is 50M more likely?

1) Spider-Man Homecoming- 115M Weekend, 115M Total
2) Despicable Me 3- 41M Weekend, 151M Total
3) Baby Driver- 14M Weekend, 57M Total
4) Wonder Woman- 9.5M Weekend, 367M Total
5) Transformers 5- 9M Weekend, 121M Total
6) Cars 3- 5M Weekend, 132M Total
7) The House- 4M Weekend, 17M Total
8) 47 Meters Down- 3M Weekend, 38M Total
9) The Beguiled- 2M Weekend, 7M Total
10) The Big Sick- 2M Weekend, 5M Total

One thought on “Box Office Projections: How Amazing Will ‘Homecoming’ Be?

  1. I personally think Spider-Man will hit at least 100m – thanks both to the commercial success of Civil War in reintroducing the character, and the fact that there’s now a greater incentive for people to see it, being that it’s tied into the MCU and has appearances from Iron Man and the like. Great article!

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