Box Office Predictions: Christopher Nolan Vs Poop

Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk is having to face off against a talking Poop emoji in The Emoji Movie. If that isn’t metaphorical, I don’t know what is.

The apparent battle is because Dunkirk and The Emoji Movie are tracking at about the same, with other new entry Atomic Blonde likely to come in third. An Inconvenient Sequel is no longer aiming for a wide release, looking instead at starting small and platforming later.

Dunkirk has been holding up really well at the box office, with midweek grosses actually posting a gain from Monday to Tuesday. Dunkirk might have a relatively soft drop this week, putting it in the high 20’s. And that’s about where The Emoji Movie is scheduled to drop. Despicable Me 3 is starting to cool off, having made 13M last weekend. It could be time for kids to return to theatres that saw Despicable Me 3 on opening weekend, and have been waiting for another kid-friendly option. However, The Emoji Movie has not been screened for critics, and it opens tonight. So

Atomic Blonde has seen some pretty good reviews, and was actually screened for critics quite sometime ago. The studio behind it is extremely confident in what its got, and hasn’t been afraid to let audiences know how awesome their film is. Could this be another sleeper hit like Baby Driver?

For me, I have two films at the top of my list. I still need to see Dunkirk, but I’m also really wanting to see Atomic Blonde. If I managed to get out and see a third film, it would either be Valerian or A Ghost Story, and not The Emoji Movie. Not because I don’t enjoy animated films, but because this one genuinely doesn’t look good.

1) Dunkirk- 28M Weekend, 116M Total
2) The Emoji Movie- 24M Weekend, 24M Total
3) Atomic Blonde- 21M Weekend, 21M Total
4) Girls Trip- 17M Weekend, 65M Total
5) Spider-Man Homecoming- 13M Weekend, 280M Total
6) War For The Planet Of The Apes- 10M Weekend, 120M Total
7) Despicable Me 3- 8M Weekend, 232M Total
8) Valerian- 7M Weekend, 32M Total
9) Baby Driver- 4M Weekend, 92M Total
10) The Big Sick- 3M Weekend, 29M Total

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