Where I’ve Been

So you might have noticed my abrupt exit on January 2nd of this year. As with many unknown factors on the internet, anything could have happened to me. Well, something did. In June 2017, I saw an eye doctor about a vision problem I was having only to find out that I had Glaucoma which was already starting to aggressively destroy my vision. My pressure at the time was 50, and it should never be above 20 ideally. I went through numerous eye drop combinations over the following months, only to have my vision continually get worse. I had to stop blogging in January because I couldnt read the screen anymore. Iwas legally blind at 34. Over the next few months, I switched doctors, saw more specialists, and underwent surgery to stop the progression. I am still legally blind now, but I still have a tiny bit left so I’m not in total darkness. Still, it took me a while to figure out how to use a computer again. I’m still not sure how I’m going to be doing this, or if anyone will take a blind movie critic seriously. I do get out to the theatres, watch Netflix, rent at Redbox. Not as much as I used to, as I can’t drive myself to the theatres or redbox, but I’ve seen a lot of film for a blind guy I think. I am hoping to return to reviewing movies from a very new interesting perspective. Thank you to all of my readers over the years. I never got to achieve my goal of being a certified Rotten Tomatoes critic, or a member of the Online Film Critic Society (or Broadcast Film Critic Society(), and I’m sure they prefer critics that can see the film as it is a visual medium. Blindness isn’t going to take away the one thing I’ve loved since the first time I sat in a theatre, looked at a screen, and experienced the greatest storytelling medium ever. Always been a fan, always will be.

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