Moon Knight (Pilot)

Starring: Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawke.

Where I Watched It: Disney Plus

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

The Plot: Steven (Issac) works at a museum. This is also the Marvel introduction to Moon Knight. So, trying to explain this to you would involve spoilers. But, yes, Steven works at a museum.

What Works: I know the critics have been getting screener access to the first four episodes, but I like to review pilots, because you’re never guaranteed an audience will come back for more if the pilot doesn’t work. So it really doesn’t matter if the show picks up in Episode 4, if everyone quit after the pilot.

So, did the pilot work? I’m trying really hard not to spoil it for you, so there’s your answer. Typically, when I don’t like something, or I feel like the writing was so bad that any twist was so poorly telegraphed that spoiling is not really an accurate definition.

however, how Marvel has chosen to introduce us to the world of moon knight in this pilot is extremely interesting, and really kept me engaged. The story opens with kind of a WTF moment, then moves into life as normal, and we just follow Steven. unlike pandering to us with a bare bones origin, this first episode chooses somewhat to offer us an “in progress” look at the world of Moon Knight, but also finds a clever way of introducing us to all the aspects in a very organic origin way. It’s almost an anti-origin, except it’s wrapped up so well in this pilot with a very unique perspective, that we get a very different Marvel series.

Quite frankly, I loved it, and I think this might be the strongest pilot of all the MCU Disney Plus series to date. If you’re not intrigued by the end, you should check your pulse. Sure, you might still have questions, but arguably Steven does too. And that’s the beauty and the point.

What Doesn’t Work: I just wish I could see certain things, and I’m not sure yet if the audio description is adequate. i feel like I need to do more research on what visually able people are seeing, versus what we get.

The Blind Perspective: As I alluded to above, this series does have a very unique challenge presented to itself, one I’d love to talk about in detail, but would also ruin the pilot, or at least the surprise of how the pilot plays out. I would consider this show very difficult to describe, so cut it a little bit of slack, and let’s see how it progresses. I might actually do a spoiler version of this on my YouTube channel, just so I can have one clean non-spoiler version here, and another spoiler-ish discussion on YouTube.

Final Thoughts: I love Moon knight as a character, and Oscar Issac and Ethan Hawke are both terrific actors. This pilot is incredible, and I would be saying that even if it wasn’t Marvel related. The choices here, I’m really impressed. If this was a completely new idea, i would still love it.

Final Grade: A

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