The Too Much TV Roundup- May 23rd

Another weird day of television where there was a clear winner for the day, and not a huge amount of TV shows logged.

1) Bridgerton (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

in the season’s sixth episode, we dealt with a wedding, some actual character development for the Queen, and a sister finally taking charge of her own destiny. I think this season is overall written better than the first, but I’m sure that the audience that showed up for all of Season 1’s sexy fun time disagrees with me on the decidedly less naked season 2. In a very crowded Emmy race this year, can anyone from this show stand out?

Episode Grade: A

2) The Flight Attendant (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description: Yes

In the 4th episode of Season 2, I can tell that Cassy is going through… a lot. To put that mildly. And I’m super happy with her continued sobriety. I’m not sure I need the hotel room hallucinations anymore. Shouldn’t she be fever dreaming a new location for season 2, considering season 1 got wrapped up? Also, hated that major choice made at the end. There was no chemistry between those two characters, and it was such an awkward and cringe worthy moment.

Episode Grade: B+

3) This Is us (NBC/Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Look, I’ve been angry at this show all season long since they broke up Toby and Kate. However, as a fan of the first five seasons, I gave this episode its proper due (or at least how much I can still give this show right now) as Miguel finally got his own episode. Unfortunately, it seems as though this also meant a farewell to an unsung hero of the show, one that Jon Huertas has been playing rather thanklessly, something this episode somewhat embraced. So, farewell Miguel.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Jeopardy (Syndication)

English Audio Description Available?: no

As the two new competitors missed all three daily doubles, Ryan slowly earned enough money without ever being able to bet for more, and still pulled out his 7th win. He also, for the first time I believe, did not know the answer in Final Jeopardy. Of course, no one did. But I did. I got 28 right, plus Final jeopardy, though I admit I was worried the answer might be pneumonia, because my polio answer was just an educated guess.

Episode Grade: B

5) Last Week Tonight (HBO MAX/HBO)

English Audio Description Available?: Not this soon after airing.

Possibly my least favorite episode. While I did learn some stuff about the corporate structure of Subway, I wanted him to go far more into detail about how Ireland declared their bread didn’t meet their health requirements to be called bread, and also what was up with their Tuna. He glossed over both. I’m almost never disappointed in John Oliver, so this was a rarity for me.

Episode Grade: B-

6) The Goldbergs (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: Oddly, not for this episode.

In what inexplicably was NOT the series finale, Adam graduated high school, while his sister performed with Cyndi Lauper but realized her true dream was becoming a mother herself, and Beverly saw all her kids finally grow up. But Murray, who was referenced, never spoke. Because Jeff Garlin was fired a while ago. The fact that this wasn’t the series finale actually angers me. in many ways, it would have been a perfect finale. It felt like the moment we were all building to, when the narrator of our story becomes an adult. And He did that. Plus, most of the supporting cast popped up in brief cameo’s, and the series ended with a quote from pops. How much more perfect do you need? I know, 10 seasons seems rather tempting, but isn’t it more important to land your series finale after 9 seasons/ At. Least Jeff Garlin was around for part of this season. Next time, he won’t be around at all, and we’ll either get a superimposed version of his face on someone in the background, but it’s so weird that he’s not speaking. It was already so cringeworthy to see an entire episode based around this huge moment in Adam’s life, but Murray had no words for him. It was all about Beverly. Just kill off Murray and be done with it. It’s far more awkward acknowledging a mute father than it would be for Beverly to have to deal with being a widow. Garlin was overweight. Have Murray die of a heart attack, and let’s just move the fuck on please. Whatever the hell has been happening this season on The Goldbergs needs to stop. If we come back to Season 10, and they’re still dealing with a body double that never speaks, I’m quitting the show. As I’m sure many others have thought about doing because the show is sinking creatively. I’m not defending Jeff Garlin, or pushing back against his termination, but the moment that show lost Garlin, shortly after losing George Segal, there should have been a real conversation about Adam’s graduation being the finale, and how to make that work. Instead, we’ve jumped the shark, and are now beating a horse that’s on life support.

episode Grade: C

7) The Golden Girls (Hulu)

English Audio Description Available?: No

This episode ended with a man who could fly. It wasn’t very funny. I didn’t even feel like i had seen the episode before.

Episode Grade: C

8) Fear the Walking Dead (AMC)

English Audio Description Available?: No

At this point, I’m pulling the episode up on demand, and working on other things, but trying to listen for Morgan or Dwight to speak. Obviously, I miss some dialogue that way. But I really should just quit this show.

Episode Grade: D+

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