The Godfather part II

Starring: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, John Cazole, Talia Shire, Lee Strasberg, and Bruno Kirby.

Directed By: Francis Ford Coppola

Where i Watched It: Paramount Plus

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Narrated By: Inger Tudor

My great shame is behind me, and now I have to live a new great shame. The fact that I had only ever seen the first film in The Godfather trilogy, despite the acclaim and classic status that Part 2 reached, is probably something I’ve been aware of dodging my whole life. And I don’t really know why. i don’t know why there are some older titles I still haven’t seen. What’s my greatest sin now? I haven’t seen The Blues Brothers? Dr Strangelove? On The Waterfront?

To be fair, most of the films II’m ashamed of were either made before I was born, or when i was too young to really choose my own movies. So it’s been up to me to catch up on the greatest hits of cinema, and I’ve finally put The Godfather part II off my to do list. i saw the remastered version was on Paramount Plus, and I thought what a time to finally see it. After an anniversary remaster.

And I will watch Part III shortly. I’ve been more interested as I make my way through the Paramount Plus Original Series The offer, which is interesting enough, but the movies are better. But taht’s the point of the show, if these people hadn’t fought to get this series made, what would have happened?

There’s really nothing I can say about The Godfather part II that hasn’t been said by every living film critic, cinema nerd, father who loves mafia movies, and everyone else who came before me. What do I have to addd to the conversation? Nothing really. It’s a great film, flawless. I know most people prefer Part II, but there’s still something magical about The Godfather and how it’s all laid out that puts that at the top for me. It’s like trying to figure out if Toy Story is better than Toy Story 2. You win either way. It’s a silly conversation.

But, this is now behind me. So I guess it’s finally time to watch… the exorcist? Animal House? I don’t know.

The Blind Perspective: The audio description on this was a different narrator than the original, which is fine. Inger did a good job with the narration, and you just have to accept that the narration was done decades after the original audio track. While the film is remastered, the audio track really doesn’t sound much improved. So it really sounds like a modern voice on top of an old movie. Nothing you can do about that.

Final Grade: A

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