The Too Much TV Roundup- June 28th

When it’s your birthday, what shows do you pick out? Do you pick out all winners? I feel pretty good about my assortment of shows.

1) Ozark (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

One thing is for sure. I’m going to miss the hell out of this show. What a clusterfuck this episode was in a brilliant way. Wendy spent so much time trying to do her usual maneuvering to try and get Mel out of the picture so he couldn’t testify in her custody hearing, but it was all for naught. Meanwhile, maybe she’s starting to see what Marty was saying about Camilla being bad news. I loved the conversation between her and Marty where she said she could understand if he wanted to leave when this was all over. Listen, Wendy Byrd, this show needs to end with your death. You’ve now become the villain of the story and there just are not enough episodes left to redeem your character. I love Laura Linney and I think she’s done a fantastic job. i understand Zendaya is transcendent on Euphoria, but I’m hoping Linney wins for Ozark. Not only does she play perfectly a woman we love to hate, but she’s a protagonist that is now an antagonist. With the episode ending with her crying on her knees, I felt nothing for her anymore. I couldn’t even tell if Wendy was doing it for show, because her character has become so far removed from everything that makes us human. She killed that last little part of her when she let Ben die. And, speaking of Ben… did both of them really just walk off and leave Ben on a fucking counter in the office? I know that was for the sake of the story, but I find it hard to believe that both Jonah and Ruth would have had an “oops” moment there.

Episode Grade: A

2) The Staircase (HBo MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

I love how self referential this scripted version is, incorporating the filming of the documentary that inspired this series into the actual show. I know this series gets more and more nuts, but right now it feels like just the right amount for the beginning of the unraveling of this mystery. It hasn’t mattered much yet, but they’ve spent a decent amount of time in the first two episodes getting us acquainted with Caitlyn, so we know her more as she is now separate from the others. But, as we move forward, I hope the series takes some time to make sure that we know that Margaret and Martha have distinguishable personalities.

Episode Grade: A

3) The umbrella Academy (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

in the second episode of season 3, Vanya became Victor (a clever reference perhaps to victor/Victoria), Klaus sought out his birth mother with Five only to find out a shocking revelation, and Luther got kidnapped by the Sparrows only to end up falling in love with one of them… the episodes weakest point. I’m trying to even remember her name. The whole thing just seemed so fast and forced, it’s actually the catalyst for me dropping this to the minus.

Episode Grade: A-

4) Killing It (Peacock)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

So, we found out more about the dad and son duo, mostly more about the dad, and his quest for YouTube stardom. It was a nice bottle episode, not as funny as the one Jillian got, but a nice way to let us know more about peripheral characters.

Episode Grade: A-

5) Barry (HBo/HBo MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Halfway through, and the truth so far is that this season isn’t as good as the last. I also… still… do not find Anthony Carrigan funny. I know lots of people do, but I just don’t. And there’s something about Barry this season, that is making me less interested in his character. So, right now I turn in for Henry Winkler who is still giving his career best. nice cameo from Joe Mantegna. And, while we’re on the topic of Episode 5, no one would have cancelled a show on the same day it premiered that had that strong of a critical reception. It’s like admitting you just threw money away. Because then nobody would want to check out a cancelled show and get invested in something that’s already dead. What show did she make? Swamp Thing?

Episode Grade: B+

6) Full Frontal With Samantha Bee (TBS)

English Audio Description Available?: No

It’s not a good sign that i can’t remember what this episode was about. I remember something where she interviewed a woman who had already been interviewed 4 times before on the show, and it was about Russia. but the whole first half, I know she was popping off about various things, and it’s been less than 12 hours. And I can’t remember this episode, so I’m going with a lower than typical score.

Final Grade: B

7) Winning Time (HBo/HBO MAX)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Finished out the season with the best episode. The player that got fired was going through a dark enough time, I actually thought he’d do himself in during the NBA finals (no, I don’t know who or what happened to this Haywood guy). But the passing of the buck between Kareem and Magic was a nice touch. This show was hit and miss for me most of season 1. I’ll see what Season 2 has to offer.

Episode Grade: B, Season 1 Grade: B-

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