Where I watched it: Netflix

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Netflix. The unofficial home of Mark Wahlberg. I’m keeping this short. I’ve seen Contraband, and based on when it was released, i fully acknowledge the likely presence of another review of Contraband on my site. However, that was when i could see, and now I can’t, so this was my first time through with audio description.

The truth is, the audio description is fine. The movie itself is still totally forgettable. Part of the reason I randomly reviewed this film was due to the fact that i couldn’t remember anything about it. Nothing. My brain had deleted everything except the knowledge that I rented this at Redbox and watched it. When I actually started to watch it, certain things came back to me, but this film isn’t interesting enough in the long run to be memorable for even a 10 year span. It’s a throw away action film with a talented cast. i don’t know what we are doing to Ben Foster’s career, but he should be getting Oscar nominations, not continuously appearing in shit like this and The Contractor. Did everyone forget how good he was in Hell or high Water? Did we not just see him in The Survivor? Why is he not Oscar bait?

There’s a rather massive twist that comes far too early in the film, and then you have to spend the rest of the film just riding it out. There’s nothing really special here. Just Mark Wahlberg in a generic action film, where he has to do a task to save someone he cares about. It’s one of those movies, and while I’ve certainly seen worse, I’ve seen better.

I assume that another 7-8 years from now, I will have forgotten this again, but next time I won’t feel any need to watch it. Already saw this from both perspectives, visual and not, and it’s not good enough to just watch for fun.

It’s better than me Time, but that bar is really really low.

Final Grade: D+

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