Escape The Field

Where I Watched It: Peacock

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

Kitchen sink. It’s not just a thing in your house. It’s a phenomenon. It’s something that Escape The Field is guilty of, but not necessarily in a bad way.

This obscure horror title, depending on your life choices whose biggest star is either Shane West or Theo Rossi, decides it wants to be as many horror films as possible. So, it first starts off with six total strangers who wake up (of course, in a field). Right away, we have comparisons to past horror films where teams of strangers must work together, though there is no real trust, and they might sacrifice each other in order to survive. You also have a cornfield. And lets be honest, horror films love cornfields.

But it’s not as simple as escaping a corn field maze, but rather it turns out there are traps. hello, Jigsaw and every other horror movie with traps. but they aren’t just traps, there are puzzles to be solved. OK. We’ve been here before. Oh hell. is that a humanistic slasher stalking them through the field? Yes. It is. So not only do these strangers need to escape a field, in the middle of wherever, and solve a puzzle to do so, but some Jeepers Creepers looking thing is hunting them down.

And of course, night falls.

So, it’s a kitchen sink movie. And without ruining the plot, I will say that its ending even tries to bring you around to yet another been there done that trope. While throwing everything at the audience might come across as bold, at the end of the day, I didn’t care about any of the six. They weren’t fleshed out well enough to even root for a final girl. With the film seemingly changing every five seconds to become a new horror film while still staying with the other themes, it doesn’t allow for characters. It just wants them to die.

It is the season where this kind of film could work, if you are looking for something like this. I had fun enough to slightly recommend this over some other horror titles, but your life will not change from something that is just an amalgamation of other better films.

Peacock kicked me out before telling me who narrated this, but it seemed fine. It has a lot to do, despite the simplicity of being in a field. There are traps, some crazy stalker killer, and then the puzzles and traps. Plus, there is some gore. it’s not super brutal, compared to other films, but as you might expect given the circumstances I already laid out, people do die. How? That’s why you would watch.

Final Grade: C+

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