Emily The Criminal

Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description?: No If you follow me, you’ll see I review pretty much anything. Frequently, I review things I’m not interested in, not excited about, and could really give zero fucks about. But, I want to talk about them, and their effective, or potentially non-effective audio description. And for films without audio description, I plan on talking about whether or not there is any point to watching the film without audio description. I mention this, because i actually cared here. I actually was interested in Emily The Criminal, and from what I can tell, … Continue reading Emily The Criminal

Escape The Field

Where I Watched It: Peacock English Audio Description Available?: Yes Kitchen sink. It’s not just a thing in your house. It’s a phenomenon. It’s something that Escape The Field is guilty of, but not necessarily in a bad way. This obscure horror title, depending on your life choices whose biggest star is either Shane West or Theo Rossi, decides it wants to be as many horror films as possible. So, it first starts off with six total strangers who wake up (of course, in a field). Right away, we have comparisons to past horror films where teams of strangers must … Continue reading Escape The Field