10 Movies On Disney Plus With Audio Description To Make Your Halloween Not-So Scary

Let’s be honest. It’s Disney Plus, which is not necessarily synonymous with scary. however, the service has a surprising amount of family friendly titles to get you in the mood. However, like my previous lists, I must have seen the film for it to make the list. So titles like Zombies 3 and Don’t look under The bed sound promising, but I missed those. The ones on my list are films I’ve seen and recommend, although I might not have seen the film yet with audio description. Based on the list of titles I hadn’t seen, I’m hoping this will be a fresh list next year. All titles have audio description according to the audio description project (ADP.ACB.org) which i have used to make my previous Top 10 lists for HBo mAX, hulu, Paramount Plus, and Peacock. Still to come… Netflix and Amazon.

1) Coco

of course. Right? I mean, it’s a film about Dia de los Muertos, and features a young boy traveling to the world of the… well… dead. This charming Pixar film, which was a nightmare to screen in theatres as it came with Olaf’s journey, 20 minutes of previews, and a Pixar short before it ever started is a rich celebration of culture and music. Remember Me? Of Course I do. On a personal note, Coco was the last film i was able to visually see in theatres. The last film I drove myself to, before my vision became too bad for me to drive. It was coming home from Coco that I started noticing I couldn’t see certain things I had been able to see before, and it was the last time I drove. Coco will always have a special place in my heart.

2) Hocus Pocus

If you thought I’d make a list of 10 films and not put this Disney classic on here, you’re way too optimistic. I grew up with the Sanderson sisters, and while the sequel didn’t blow me away, the original always does it for me. if you haven’t introduced your family to hocus Pocus yet, there has literally never been a better year to do so.

3) Dr Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness

Thanks to director Sam Raimi, this sequel very much qualifies. The director of Evil Dead pushes the horror genre into Marvel in a PG-13 way, with some very thematically creepy elements. Hell hath no fury like a mother looking for her children.

4) Edward Scissorhands

Not the first time a Tim Burton title appears on this list. honestly, I could have probably just done a list of 10 Tim Burton Titles. However, this goth inspired take has long had fans, and I did watch this earlier this year for the first time with audio description. So, I know it exists. Really, what I still remember now, is how great the score is, and how underrated Dianne Wiest always is.

5) Frankenweenie

In 2012, Tim Burton had the opportunity to turn his short film about a boy who reanimates his best friend, and just like that short (which I’ve seen), this film has heart, it’s good for all ages, and it has Tim Burton’s signature look and style.

6) Into The Woods

it may not be the most obvious choice, but let me remind you that Meryl Streep plays a witch, Johnny Depp is a big bad wolf trying to eat Little Red, and there are big tall terrible giants in the sky. The woods themselves are creepy enough, the music is fantastic, and remember that children will listen.

7) Maleficent

I thought about putting Cruella on the list, but truthfully if we are going all in on one of the Disney live action remakes that revamps a villain, Angelina jolie’s turn in this Sleeping Beauty reimagining is pretty darn good and came first. i don’t know about that sequel though, it’s not endorsed by me, but Maleficent in many ways was the first truly good adaptation of a Disney animation, because it had the vision to change the perspective.

8) Monsters Inc

Yes, not really scary, and kind of the opposite point of the film, but these adorable Monsters and their little girl Boo will help any family looking for something to watch with the little ones. The sequel isn’t bad either. Actually, neither is monsters At Work.

9) Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl

While the franchise really doesn’t land all of its sequels, this one does feature a ghost ship full of ghost pirates. It’s a classic film, all the performances here are memorable, and the first even earned johnny Depp an Oscar nomination. Backed with an iconic score, the first film is perfect for any kid who wants to be a pirate, or adult.

10) A nightmare Before Christmas

Did you think I’d leave off jack Skellington? This film works as both a Halloween movie and Christmas, like how Rise Of The Guardians does both Easter and Christmas. Some people have themed their entire lives based on this Tim Burton inspired, Henry Selick directed film.

Also, an honorable mention goes out to The Adventures Of Ichabod and mr Toad. arguably, only the first half of that works, which is why i left that off the list. Also, I didn’t include Toy Story Of Terror, because i had enough full length features. Some movies might surprise you that they didn’t make the cut. I am not a fan of Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion, though it has audio description. Halloweentown missed the list as it isn’t listed as having audio description. And I had stopped watching Disney Channel Original Films when both Twitches and under Wraps debuted, but both show as having audio description.

Like I said, I made a list of films I need to catch up on for next year. Disney actually has quite a lot of titles available. It’s why I’ve been dreading doing the Amazon and netflix lists, as they have the most titles. Pray for me. See you next week with the last two major streamers.

2 thoughts on “10 Movies On Disney Plus With Audio Description To Make Your Halloween Not-So Scary

    1. I know. They have the biggest lists, and Amazon’s is a huge pain as the audio description project doesn’t distinguish between what is available for subscribers, and what is available for purchase through Amazon. All titles are listed together.

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