Where i Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

Incarnate was one of those films critics didn’t even remotely care to address when it released in wide release a few years back. Star Aaron Eckhart couldn’t pull in people to even review his film.Basically, this film was released as an attempt to clone The Conjuring, with Eckhart’s character merging both the ability to exorcise with the ability to walk into someone’s mind. It sounds stupid, it is.

The beginning of the film shows us a mother and son returning home, and some homeless lady acting sketchy. Then, suddenly, moments later the old woman somehow managed her way into the house so she can pass on her possession that apparently leaps bodies. How did she get in? Who the fuck knows.

then we get to the most interesting thing, which is Aaron Eckhart’s introduction, which you might think I thought was cool as he inceptioned a patient, but it was more the amusing audio description about how unattractive they’ve tried to make Eckhart look here. he’s fat and unkempt, and needs a wheelchair to get around. I’m sure Eckhart thought he’d be up for an Oscar here.

between supporting cast members David Mazouz, who is better known for playing Batman (or at least child Batman) on Gotham, and Catalina Sandino Moreno who has been legally wronged by Hollywood for years. We gave this girl an Oscar nomination and did what with her career? Maybe her and the boy from Kramer Vs Kramer can star in a film together about how Oscar nominations do not translate into film careers.

Is Incarnate scary? in the most uninteresting ways.It doesn’t feel original, but rather just a cheap version of something better. The only thing that sets this film apart is Eckhart, but in this day and age, this would have gone straight to streaming, even with him in it. Don’t worry, the audio description here is actually really pretty great, trying it’s best to make this film seem scary, but aside from a few cheap jump scares, you likely won’t be.

This is one demon that should stay staked.


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