Under Wraps (2021)

Where I Watched it: Disney plus

English Audio Description Provided By: Descriptive Video Works

I don’t watch a ton of Disney Channel movies, but then again, I’m not sure if the original was Disney Channel or Wonderful World of Disney. It’s from the 90’s, so anything is possible. I’m mentioning this, because I had never seen the original. Still haven’t. I saw there was an under Wraps 2, and i wanted to do a few more reviews for Halloween. Assuming Under Wraps 2 was a legacy sequel, i jumped in without paying a bit of attention.

Turns out, the original is nowhere to be found on Disney Plus. Despite being big enough to warrant a remake, it is lost in time i suppose. Turns out, in 2021, they remade it. i figured that out pretty quickly when characters started referencing social media (which certainly didn’t exist back then) and one of the characters has two dads.

As far as the plot goes, there’s a smuggler, trying to smuggle a mummy, but those darn kids interfere, and it turns out that there’s a pendant that brings the mummy to life, and his long lost love is in a local museum, so they have to reunite him in three days, both with his love and his sarcophagus or he turns to dust. The rest of the film is just this trio of kids bonding and having fun, while doing shenanigans with this living mummy that loves hot sauce.

We sometimes limit our scope in terms of family friendly Halloween fare, and this film really could fit into someone’s yearly watch parties. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it keeps it interesting enough to entertain your kids, and it tackles actual issues, like the main boy having to deal with his divorced mom dating again.

The audio description here feels a bit below the quality Disney is used to. I think they went for the budget option, saved some money, and at least it is a human voice. There are still so many films out there without audio description. The writing of it is fine, it just actually sounds older than the movie it is describing. Other than sounding older than it should, it does accurately describe the film and keeps us appraised of the shenanigans. There’s a fair amount of spooky content here to describe, and I think your kids will love it. If you have a blind or visually impaired child, this possibly unnecessary remake isn’t a bad choice.

Final Grade: B-

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