Under Wraps 2

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus

English Audio Description Provided By: PixelLogic

Narrated By: Darren Rivers

The film that confused me to begin with. It made me want to watch the 90’s version, but then it turned out to be a 2021 remake, which I didn’t know existed, and this is now a sequel to that, and not a legacy sequel. Kind of like father Of The Bride part 2, but… not.

The sequel reunites everyone major from the first film. you’ve got the main trio of kids, with the scared one trying to pretend he’s more brave, and there’s this friendship dynamic that they try and parallel into the one happening with the mummies, but it’s all a stretch. The elevator pitch features a mummy elsewhere in the world that is awakened, and sets out on a journey to reunite with his love, which turns out to be Harold (The mummy from the first film, because these kids cannot be bothered to learn his real name) girlfriend Rose (again, these kids have had ample time to know their Egyptian names). So, the bad mummy doesn’t understand consent, and is coming for this Rose, and it’s up to Harold and the kids to stop him… at a gay wedding. Let me tell you, the fact that this girls dads are getting married in the sequel, and that their Halloween themed wedding is the center piece for this film is the best thing about this rather average sequel.

There’s a moment where the dads are trying to console their daughter (I won’t spoil why), and they remind her that even with the stufff she thinks she has failed with, they are just celebrating the fact that they simply CAN get married, and acknowledge that a few years ago it wouldn’t have been possible.

That kind of high level concept thinking is thrown into Under Wraps 2. The rest of the film, which features a dance segment on some video game really similar to Dance Dance Revolution, is just OK. Nothing really special. But it’s also not a huge step down from the original. It just kind of is the sequel that never needed to be, and hopefully they won’t come up with a third reason to wake these mummies up. Then again, there are three Night At The Museum films.

The audio description here is fine, as it follows these kids on their adventures, but really what is exciting is that it is of much higher quality than the first. The other film had audio description that sounded much older than 2021, but this film is matched with fresh audio description. Sometimes, it’s just the basic things to celebrate, sadly.

you can watch this, or not. It’s entirely up to you.

Final Grade: C

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