Mickey: The Story of A Mouse

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

With all the content dropping on Disney Plus right now, it’s totally possible for you to lose touch with this seemingly innocuous doc. Except, this isn’t just some random crap Disney Plus is generating to fill a void, but rather it’s a real documentary from the director of Won’t You Be My Neighbor. So, we’ve got a proven track record here.

Still, it’s a documentary about mickey commissioned by Disney, so it’s only ever going to be just so deep. Mostly, this works as fan service. It does somewhat explore the foundation of the mouse, how he came to be, his relationship to Walt, what he means to so many, what he represents, and how he has changed over the years.

The heaviest and hardest hitting truths are the moments we are reminded that the studio took a break from cute animated shorts to make animated shorts for the war effort during World War II. Anyone who has actually seen some of these knows that they also featured exaggerated Asian stereotypes, just promoting racial hate, but this is a family friendly doc, so we don’t really go there.

That’s my problem with this, is that it really could ahve gone all the way if the team behind it had really been given carte blanche. But, instead they’re obviously limited by what they can and cannot say about the most iconic animated character in history. The studio that was built by a mouse wanted a safe documentary that celebrates Mickey for all the good he brings, and positivity he represents. And, in many regards, it is a fine film to pass the time. But there’s just always that “what if” feeling if they had been given a much longer leash.

Audio description here is basically limited to describing some of the animated sequences included, but it should be used to explain who is talking. I had a bitch of a time trying to follow the talking heads, and I don’t know why more AD teams don’t stay on top of the names in these films. Seems like a quick and easy fix.

Anyway, if you’re a lover of all things Mouse, this is for you. If you want an expose, remember this is on Disney Plus, not HBo.

Final Grade: B

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