The Too Much TV Roundup- December 8th

Knocked out a lot of TV shows today. Where do they stack up in the rankings?

9) Mike (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

At this point, I’m kind of just watching to finish. I must be close enough. I don’t know what I was expecting when i started into this, but this somewhat joking humor back and forth about serious issues just isn’t working for me as a format. Rhodes is delivering a good performance, and i won’t take that away from him, but the structure of the show, and how they seem very apologetic for all the bad things Mike has done just gets under my skin more than I’d like.

Final Grade: C+

8) Down To Earth With Zac Efron (Netflix)

English Audio Description Available?: Yes

It’s not that this was bad, I just didn’t quite connect with the material of this second episode. Surprisingly, Zac is a good host for this show, but sometimes, he reminds us all that he’s just a celebrity, and not an actual expert on anything.

Episode Grade: B-

7) Mickey Saves Christmas (ABC/Hulu/Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This half hour new Christmas short was perfectly adorable, and if I could relive my childhood with all that wonder still in front of me, or if I had kids in front of me enjoying the hell out of this, I would have put it higher. My gut instinct, is that this is a nice addition, but will not become a yearly classic. Never count out Disney fans though.

Episode Grade: B

6) The Rookie Feds (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In one of the more interesting episodes of the season, Garza is framed, and it’s up to the team to save him. However, even when this show is firing all cylinders, the writers room here just isn’t very good. What could have been a really strong plot, possibly even a two-parter, just became wham, bam, thank you maam,.

Episode Grade: B

5) Big Shot (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I hate scoring this show as low as this, but this relationship thing between our two favorite coaches is a bit overwrought. Like, we all know it’s going to happen, but for some reason, this show continues to need to make Korn out to be a douchebag before he has to learn an important lesson about not being one. I’d love to see more constant character growth and character introspection from him. I don’t think Disney will give this a third Shot, but I could be wrong.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Star Trek Lower Decks (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This amusing plot found the team making a movie? It was light fun. Last weeks episode was my favorite, so this was a hard follow up, but I think it was interesting and unique enough that I enjoyed it still.

Episode Grade: B+

3) The Connors (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

The two big plots this week revolved around Becky trying to get her daughter to stop pretending to be a dog, and Louise’s mom (Jane Curtin) coming to town. Curtin gave Sagal some really nice moments, and continue to flesh out her family and backstory, really making it feel like she’s part of the whole thing. She may not be a series regular, but it’s be really hard to write off Louise at this point. The moments between Dan and Louise were the best of the episode though.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Grace and Frankie (Netflix)E

Mulish Audio Description?: Yes

While the men debate their kissaverssary, and there’s more talk of Robert’s mind slipping, Grace has to figure out how to get Frankie out of Mexico, and back to the US, but at the same time, Grace has a phone call from Frankie’s psychic that could spell doom for Frankie. Or… does it? Was that message really meant for someone else?

Episode Grade: A

1) Wednesday (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Eight other shows were thrown against this, and it was still the best thing I watched. Jenna Ortega continues to make her own stamp on the character, and the show and its mythology continues to grow. I love that Wednesday, yet again, is up against fake pilgrims. And that poor kid. Enid is going to be so heartbroken.

Episode Grade: A

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