The Ten Biggest Golden globes Surprises

You might have heard. There’s a little thing called the Golden Globes. The nominations were announced today, and with the Globes being televised again this year, here are my 10 immediate surprises (good or bad) for the awards. Almost all of these are film, but at least one TV nomination bogggled my mind.

1) Hilary Swank (Alaska Daily)

What? I mean… what? No. Seriously. What? you only get five drama TV actress nominations, and instead of, oh I don’t know Elizabeth moss for The Handmaid’s Tale or Kelly Reilly for Yellowstone, somehow Hilary Swank makes it in for this show ABC is definitely going to cancel. Mind. Blown.

2) No Danielle Deitweiler

This one was quite a shock, considering she just was labeled a runner up by the LA Film Critics. It’s weird that she’s missed out on the Spirit Awards and now the Golden Globes. I can’t see Olivia Coleman getting a nod this year, but it’s so bizarre that the Globes left off Till entirely.

3) Jeremy Pope (The inspection)

I had mentioned him in my Top 5 a while ago for the Oscar’s as i thought his film would pick up steam, and I can’t see the Oscars going for an all white block of Actor nominees. Then here comes pope, with a surprise Globe nomination. A24 has a lot of films they are campaigning, so it’s nice to see that somehow Pope broke through.

4) No Tom Cruise

looks like returning your Globes sends a signal to the voters that you don’t want to be nominated. Cruise missed out on a Best Actor shot in favor of Hugh Jackaman and Jeremy Pope, both of whom are not locks at the Oscar’s… but Tom Cruise just might be.

5) No supporting actor nominations for The Fablemans

Up until now, for a lot of these films with multiple choices, the race has been waiting to see who emerges on top. For The Fablemans, which seems to have Paul Dano and Judd Hirsch, they both got left out for Eddie Redmayne’s serviceable performance in The Good Nurse.

6) I guess they weren’t big fans of Women Talking

Most pundits had Women Talking in for Best Picture, Director, and two Supporting Actress nominations. Instead, it got Sarah Polley a nomination for Screenplay, and also Best Original Score. no Ben Whishaw either.

7) What in God’s name was that other Animated Feature?

What is that? Where is Wendell and Wild? What film is that? I’ve never even heard of that film. Is it even available to choose on Gold Derby? It was like four obvious nominees, and then someone had a stroke and some random film got nominated.

8) Angela Bassett (Black Panther Wakanda Forever)

Hey look! It’s a nomination for acting in a Marvel film! This just put Bassett a lot closer to the goal. Could she be a sleeper?

9) No Adam Sandler either

Despite Netflix campaigning Hustle, it was left out in the cold. Adam Sandler might one day get respect, but if it makes him feel better, Tom Hanks also got double snubbed this year, so it’s not just him.

10) No Nominations at All For…

in a world where Ana De Armas managed a nomination for the divisive Blonde, it’s important to realize what the globe voters (whose base doubled in size this year) left off the list entirely. no nominations for Bones and All. Now, they proved that the material in both Triangle of Sadness and The Menu was enough for those films to garner nominations, but the cannnibal love story apparently was a bridge too far. They also didn’t jump on board the new Kiki Palmer train, and actually left Nope out in the cold with no nominations. That weird 5th film in the Animated Feature category just highlights how weak Strange World is as a contender, and how wide open that 5th place spot is at the Oscar’s. Of course, I thought Wendell and Wild was a lock, and Puss In Boots was stealing Strange World’s thunder, but i got that wrong. Again, no nominations for Till. Nothing for Emancipation. Nothing for Bardo. Nothing for Afterson.

Not that this really matters, as the voting bodies for the Globes do not overlap with any other voting body. The movies just use critics circles, globes, AFI, NBR, and others just as hype machines. The only precursor awards that truly matter are the guilds, which give you a glimpse into how those voting branches might look. So, when SAG, DGA, PGA, and the others start naming their choices, then I’ll start moving my nominations around. In the meantime, I’ll wait to see who actually wins a trophy.

My early predictions:

Best Picture Drama: The Fablemans

Drama Actor: Brendan Fraser (The whale)

Drama Actress: Cate Blanchett (Tar)

Best Comedy: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Comedy Actor: Colin Farrell (The Banshees Of Inusharon)

Comedy Actress: Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All At Once)

Supporting Actor: Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees Of inusharon)

Supporting Actress: Jamie Lee Curtis (Everything Everywhere all At Once)

Best director: Steven Spielberg (The Fablemans)

Screenplay: The Banshees Of Inusharon

Animated Feature: Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

Non-English Language: All Quiet On The Western Front

Original Score: The Banshees Of inusharon

Original Song: Black Panther Wakanda Forever

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