Where I Watched It: Amazon

English Audio Description provided By: Media Access Group

Narrated By: Brianna Lyonne

I swear, marketing teams are the worst. I’m sure the director of nanny was super excited to be picked up by Blumhouse, but the fact that this is being marketed as a horror is so unfortunate. it sets people up for a film thinking there are some jump scares waiting, or some gore, or ghosts, or something freaky, and that’s not what this is. This is something totally different.

But, to really discuss what that is, to a point, also might ruin the experience. It is not a horror film though, it’s a psychological thriller.

What I’m willing to tell you is that nanny is about a young woman from West Africa living in New York who is taking care of a little white girl, and trying to save money up to bring her son over from Africa so he can live there too. Currently, he’s being taken care of by someone else, and yes, the ironic juxtaposition is probably very intentional. But, as the movie moves forward, she starts to slowly lose grip with her reality, not really understanding what is real and what isn’t, and trying to find the answers of what may or may not be haunting her.

That’s all you get. Because the truth is, this is a far more complicated film by the end than you might think at the beginning. it’s that craftsmanship I don’t want to ruin. yes, Michelle Monaghan is in this, though i don’t know why. That’s the most pointless and thankless role for her. She has no real bearing on anything. But, by the end of the film, you’ll probably be impressed at the story actually being told, if you’re not expecting this to be a Conjuring film or something.

While the film has terrific audio description, it has awful sound. not the audio description, but the film itself. For some reason, the direction given here was intense bass, almost like a foghorn, so it feels like a helicopter is landing on your house, for no reason whatsoever for as long as humanly possible. It has easily one of the worst sound designs/scores of the year, but that’s my only complaint, aside from the crazy stupid marketing.

Watch Nanny if you like psychological thrillers. Don’t watch this with all your speakers on, especially if you live in an apartment. it is a bit fucking much.

Final Grade: B

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