The Too Much TV Roundup- December 23rd

6 shows and two movies. it’s like an overachieving Community fan goal.

6) Rami (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

First, it was nice to see Rami in his own show. My favorite scene was when they were with the guy who had four wives, and you think it’s going to be this completely different thing, but we meet this strong woman who is this guy’s first wife, and her limited screentime was awesome. Talk about not holding back on giving out advice. Oddly enough, probably either my favorite or second favorite of the season, and it still landed in last place.

episode Grade: B

5) Emily In Paris (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

So, I was mostly on board… until the show gave Luke some lines. Then I realized, oh my God, the writers room is awful. Either that, or they are being held hostage, and this was their cry for help. “Let’s write something so stupid, so incredibly off the wall… someone will come for us.” Instead, they filmed it, and people are gushing over Emily In Paris again. no one is as stupid as that. no one would have divulged literally everything about everything on their way out, including apparently exactly where this meeting was happening. What on earth.

Episode Grade: B

4) The Midnight Club (Netflix)

Here’s the thing. It’s not that I didn’t like this episode, it is just up against some stiff competition. Plus, we got two unfinished stories in the same episode. What? Come on now. I’m sure we’ll make it make sense, because i trust Mike Flanagan, but part of me is a little worried after Netflix passed on a second season. Will we get all the answers? Will those stories be finished? I don’t know, but the other three shows were stronger today.

Episode Grade: B+

3) Yellowstone (Paramount)

English Audio Description?: No

As I still watch this with someone else, I’m starting to kind of be able to follow the plot. All i know, is that you do not screw with Beth Dutton. Ever. For any reason. Summer learned that lesson.

Episode Grade: A-

2) The English (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I didn’t know what to expect from this Amazon limited series, but Emily Blunt is really tuning in a fantastic performance. There’s a scene in the pilot between her and Ciaran Hines that was like watching a masterclass I never wanted to stop. The undercurrent of possibilities, quite dangerous ones, played through that whole rather quiet scene. But it was two fantastic actors at the top of their game, sharing this moment. So well written, so incredible. And this show is violent as hell, so be ready. It does not play around.

Episode Grade: A

1) Mythic Quest (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This is the episode that looks back on the childhoods of poppy and Ian, and how they were viewed as these oddities that their parents, and their teachers had no idea what to do with. Oddly enough, this was not aimed at being a funny episode, which is a rarity for Mythic Quest. They went for a dramatic turn, showing Ian as a brilliant and outspoken kid that his school hates, which causes problems for his single mother in a storyline that doesn’t end well. Poppy in the meantime is already super into video games, but her parents worry about her ability to make friends, and her mom really wants her to play the piano and sees no value in video games. This episode hits harder than you’d expect for anyone who felt like they didn’t fit in during their childhood, and couldn’t figure out why they were different. Ian assumes it’s because he’s dumb, when it’s so clear that he’s gifted, but his teachers just don’t know how to reach him, or care to take the time.

Episode Grade: A+

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