Night At The museum 4

Where I Watched it: Disney Plus

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’m not really sure what the strategy here is at Disney, to waste money on crappy animated sequels no one wants, but then again…. That’s what Disney is known for. If you remember all those straight to video Disney sequels from back in the day that no one asked for, most of them are not good, and totally unnecessary. Did we need a sequel to Bambi?

But I think what makes this the most frustrating thing is that it’s a sequel to a live action franchise. And, yes, since this does actually continue the same characters, and same story, it’s a sequel. In the animated garbage we’ve been handed, the former security guard once played by Ben Stiller is being summoned to another museum for the summer, and they need a new guard to take care of them. After chasing away a potential applicant, the residents of the museum ask that his son (remember how Ben Stiller’s character was a dad?) be hired. He’s a teenager now, so what possibly could happen?

With not a single returning cast member, this sequel is exactly the crap you’d see on the shelf at a video store and vomit onto before hiding it from your kid. you know immediately when a franchise that made hundreds of millions, starred Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and for a brief moment, Amy Adams, is now animated with the voices of Gillian Jacobs, Boen Yang, and Steve Zahn… that something is afoot, and should your kids choice this, in no way can this be seen as a positive thing for your family.

Yes, it has audio description, and maybe your family is starved for content. But just like the terrible Ice Age sequel from the beginning of the year, this has none of the fun of the first three, is so cheap I felt like a dirty whore in some fly by night hotel for watching this, and will give you nothing except a sub-par adventure. All of that being said, it’s still not Marmaduke, a barometer I’ve used many times this year. It’s also less offensive than the ice Age film, which actively hired actors who sounded like Ray Romano and the others, instead of actually paying Ray Romano. Here, these people sound nothing like their original counter parts, and it seems no one cares. Oddly, the film is better for it, but only marginally so.

in short, choose another film. If we keep watching things like this, they’ll just keep making animated versions of anything they can get their hands on. Who knows? Maybe Avatar 6 will be an Animated Disney Plus sequel. Cameron is only planning five films… that means Disney Plus has a shot at putting Mikey Day in Avatar 6: The Quest For Significance, coming to Disney plus in 2028, if we keep telling Disney there’s an audience for stuff like this.

Final Grade: D+

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