Best Of 2022: Top 10 Funniest Movies

I’m behind enough on my reviews, there’s a film on here I haven’t even reviewed yet. but it made the list. Comedy is so subjective. It’s not always the same for everyone. There are films that I saw this year that didn’t make me laugh, or maybe made me chuckle once or twice. But these are the ten films that made me laugh the most, putting a smile on my face in a pretty solid year for cinema. Honorable mentions? I would say the lost potential behind films that released without audio description. Sure, one of the 10 films on my list made it (barely) without audio description, but comedy is physical a lot too. Sight gags. Facial reactions. So, my honorable mentions go to the films that could have been, like Weird and Triangle Of Sadness, two films that might have made this list, had they been offered with audio description.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good bout this list.

10) The Adam Project (Netflix)

Yes, some critics hate this film. it’s not a perfect film. but Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell, their chemistry, that was funny. Watching those two interact, for me, actually made Reynolds funnier here than he was last year in Free Guy.

9) Vengeance

The only one without audion description. BJ Novak’s directorial debut is so bitingly fresh it’s impossible not to laugh at some point. Even without the audio description, just the conversation about the fast food restaurant alone should make you understand why this film is on the list. it’s rare I ever recommend a film so highly that disrespects me with a lack of accessibility, but BJ Novak’s Vengeance was a great time.

8) Thor Love and Thunder

Maybe not quite as funny as ragnarok, and i know a lot of critics hate this. i love funny Thor, I love Korg, and I love what Taika has brought to this universe that was essentially dead after The Dark World. I’d much rather have Love and thunder than keep going in the direction Dark World was headed.

7) The Menu

The one I just saw and haven’t reviewed yet. It has some truly silly moments, even if this one does belong in multiple genres. But there’s some truly great dialogue between Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor joy I adored. Anyone who worked in food service will likely enjoy this on some level.

6) Glass Onion

I’m sure Rian johnson wouldn’t want me reducing his film to a comedy, because it’s smarter than that. But, he weaves the comedy in very carefully so that there are appropriate well timed moments to laugh. It’s a well done script.

5) Bros

I might not have agreed with every single choice, and I think the marketing for this film is why it died, but it deserves to be here. billy Eichner was hilarious, and deserved a Golden Globe nomination for his work.

4) Spirited

This reimagining of A Christmas Carol (you realize we got two Christmas carols this year?) was a lot of fun, had a lot of heart, but also made me laugh my ass off. Some of the music is just perfection, like the Oscar hopeful Good Afternoon, which I really hope gets a nomination. Reynolds and Ferrell are perfect together.

3) Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers

With most of Lonely Island behind it, it’s no wonder I laughed like I did. This film is smarter and funnier than I think anyone thought it would be. Especially after seeing the trailer, I had low expectations, but they were exceeded.

2) The unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

I’d say it’s the best thing Cage has done in years, but he did just do Pig. But, for him to be willing to do this, and be in on the joke allowed this to exist. And the casting of Pedro Pascal as someone we think will be dangerous, and turns out to be a huge fanboy, was also perfect. I’m so glad this exists.

1) Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe

Only one film actually made me laugh so hard I was crying. I was having a hard time breathing. And that was Beavis and butthead Do The Universe. I didn’t know this was coming, I had no idea. I knew we were rebooting the show, but I didn’t know a movie would precede it. It just kind of appeared, and I’m so happy it did. I’m the kind of critic who has zero problem putting Beavis and Butthead on top of my list at my age. If it is funny, it’s funny. That’s just how that works. And this… was hilarious.

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