Best of 2022: Top 10 Ensembles For A Limited Series

If you guys have followed my roundups, you know I watch a lot of television. To me, when I talk about an ensemble, i often talk about a deep bench. To me, a show like Pam and Tommy, where you can pretty much highlight the performances that make the show work in three or four names, that isn’t really an ensemble. but, when a show has so many rich characters, it starts to become hard to figure out who is doing the most work, that is where this comes into play.

10) The Dropout (Hulu)

English Audio description?: Yes

This was far more than just Amanda Seyfried. There were so many people in this cast that helped shape the uncovering of the scandal, some terrific small performances from actors like Laurie Metcalf, that shape the story. if this was about just one person, with an ensemble that didn’t matter, it would be Superpumped. But, this was more than that.

9) The First Ladies (Showtime)

English Audio Description?: Depends On how You Watch Showtime

A really fun and exciting premise that I’d sad is only a limited series. i was hoping Showtime would do what they did with Your honor and shift it into another season, and highlight 3 new First Ladies, but alas. I wasn’t a fan of every single impersonation in this show, but I was especially fascinated with the entire cast involved in Betty Ford’s timeline. Michelle Pfeiffer stole this show, and deservedly so. But she did it with quite a lot of support.

8) Welcome To Chippendales (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Even though I haven’t finished this show, it’s clear to me that it deserves to be here. The group that is building Chippendales from the ground up all are doing strong work, and this is very much an ensemble show.

7) Inventing Anna (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Yes, Julia Garner is perfection. However, this show is more than one great performance, or an accent. First, Anna Chlumsky is doing some great, post-Veep work here, and the ensemble around Anna, those that have been directly affected by her choices, all gave strong performances.

6) Joe Vs Carol (Peacock)

English Audio Description? Yes

When this project was announced, there was so much speculation as to who would play Joe Exotic. Kate McKinnon would make a great Carol Baskin, of course, and did, but we needed the right Joe. But for those of us who remember the fever dream that was Tiger King, Joe had this ensemble around him of characters that all needed the right people in those roles as well. Casting this was hard, and it was done so well. i never thought for a second Kyle Maclaughlin would be right for this show, but he so was.

5) The Watcher (Netflix)E

Mulish Audio Description?: Yes

I may not agree with all the choices Ryan Murphy made in this limited series, but you can’t deny he draws in talent. There were so many solid performances in this show. Not just from the lead, Bobby Cannavale, but from neighbors Margo Martindale and Richard Kind, as well as Christopher McDonald who after Hacks and this is having some sort of small career resurgence.

4) The offer (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description: Yes

I have to just be honest and say if it wasn’t for the casting of one or two people trying to mimic someone, this would have won. Some of the choices here are brilliant, but others just flopped. I never liked the actor portraying Al Pacino, and probably with a different actor, I would have ranked this on top.

3) The undeclared War (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I think I might be the only person hyping this show, as I also had it in my writing list, but this mostly unknown cast did some really amazing work. it’s hard to pick one specific performance here, they all felt like they moved perfectly together, yet you can clearly see specific moments that stand out for each main character.

2) Five Days At Memorial (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

My runner-up here is basically was I just said about The undeclared War, but i somehow felt even angrier at the world afterward. And, there are major actors in here, like Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga, however she never felt like she was trying to take the series over. Even when the show becomes laser focused on her, there’s stil such a rich ensemble around her.

1) Gaslit (Starz)E

Mulish Audio Description?: No

I’m a bad blind critic. My award (not the first time this year either), ended up going to a show without AD. But, there’s no way to not be obsessed with this take on the Watergate affair, with an extended look at Martha Mitchell and her husband, featuring heavy hitters like Julia Roberts and Sean Penn. But it wasn’t just those two stealing the show, it was smaller roles, like Shea Wiggham as J Gordon liddy that really helped to shape the series. incredible work, and a great show with the year’s best ensemble. (At least, for a limited series)

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