The Too Much TV Roundup- 01/12/23

Well, it was another day of five shows. Seems to be my average when I’m working.

5) The Rookie: Feds (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Nash’s spinoff went back into it’s own thing, which involved Simone being tasked with protecting a former lover turned politician. Will her feelings cloud her judgment? Is there anything this woman didn’t do before becoming an FBI agent? Will every single task she ever performs be linked to her past as a guidance counselor? Are we underestimating our guidance counselors? Should they all be immediately admitted to Quantico? is this an untapped resource?

Episode Grade: B-

4) Let The Right One In (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description: It Depends

Look, I’d love for Paramount Plus to be able to figure this stuff out, but they never will. They knew they were adding Showtime, it was announced months before. Then, at launch, they did not import any existing audio description for anything. Since then, while Showtime continues to create new shows, with audio description, Paramount still can’t figure this out. My good friend over at the audio description project recently listed the Showtime content available, but it’s only available to people who subscribe one specific way. All Showtime subscribers are not created equal. Therefore, we should technically get a discount. I love his optimism that Paramount is working on this, but in the months I spent talking with people in various levels at Paramount Plus, I fully believe the percentage of care they exert toward blind consumers is less than 1%. It’s like me calling Hulu in November to let them know about a show that debuted in September that is a Hulu original, not even FX On hulu, not having audio description, and being told then it was a known issue. Over a month later, it still hadn’t been solved. These corporations, these streaming services, they do not care about us. This is frustrating, because four episodes in, I’m actually starting to like this show. It’s not doing what Matt Reeves did and just attempt to copy and paste what worked overseas. They’re creating this whole world around it, and trying to find a way for this to sustain multiple seasons. And, I’m digging it. But there are a ton of scenes I don’t understand. I didn’t know about the marks on the door until Isiah mentioned them much later. Who knows what else I missed in that house sequence. These shows need viewers to stay alive, and I’m sure the creators would be concerned if they knew there was a population being turned off from their show, and onto the competition, simply because of lack of audio description. Sometimes it matters quite a bit.

Episode Grade: B

3) Wednesday (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I’ve basically enjoyed this whole thing, but at some point you have to look at the season finale and realize that they just kinda said some things that weren’t really explained. They just told you something was what it was, and that’s it. Were there actually enough body parts? Who knows. But, I guessed the main villain like 5-6 episodes ago. I am excited for next season, and she’d better return to Nevermore. A suggestion to Tim Burton….add Joan Cusack to replace *RIP*.

Episode Grade: B{=+

2) Bumper In Berlin (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

This show has some moments that generally crack me up. I love when bumper mentioned that he put Chili in a Keurig. LMAO. There were just so many little moments, but the best one was Bumper trying to create a distraction by saying that someone else had a gun, and being laughed at with “where would he get a gun?” That kind of humor is so bitingly satirical that American’s would immediately jump to something like that, but Germans think it’s an impossibility. Suddenly, I want to be in Berlin too.

Episode Grade: A

1) Avenue 5 (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Best episode of the season. Ranking people using AI on their usefulness to the ship after a missile is found to be headed to the ship. Judd reveals that the ship is actually two ships in one, so they can be separated. The AI is supposed to rank people who can be put in the part that gets blown up. But that cliffhanger ending just leaves us wondering… who survives? And my blind ass doesn’t even know who is one which half?

Episode Grade: A

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