Triangle Of Sadness

Where I watched It: iTunes

English Audio Description?: no

neon is very underwhelming when it comes to making sure their films have audio description. I do not believe a track exists, as I have a blind friend who saw this theatrically and confirmed there was no audio description. So, this isn’t so much a traditional review as one of my rants about audio description and the lack thereof.

Triangle Of sadness has a large ensemble. i mention this because as a sighted person, I relied a lot on facial recognition to follow characters. It was really easy. Now, I try to follow voices, but not every character has a name called out, so that becomes a challenge.

The film starts out with two people, a model and an influencer. I have no idea what they looked like, or what they were wearing. I’m not sure what the restaurant looked like that they went to, if it was crowded, or any subtext that they may have given non-verbally.

While I hate to say that I had a hard time following the sequence with vomiting and shitting everywhere, I wasn’t aware of who was, who wasn’t, and how that played out. I wasn’t sure who survived the incident, and the totality of the people on the beach on the island.

I never got a character description, and aside from Woody Harrelson, I don’t know what anyone looks like. I never knew if someone was doing something silently in the background of a scene that I should be aware of. Basically, audio description would have made this watchable.

i did enjoy what I could figure out was Dolly Deleon’s performance, and her “who is the Captain.” Moment was perfection. However, it’s hard for me to root for this film in any given category, due to

Do better Neon. Accessibility matters.

Final Grade: Unwatchable.

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