Best Of 2022: Top 10 Supporting Actor In A limited Series

Already in this category, Gaslit was at the top of my list for Ensemble, Julia Garner just topped my list for Supporting Actress for Inventing Anna, and now we arrive at Supporting Actor. Who topped this list? I can say that my #2 spot was who I would have voted for based on Emmy eligibility this past round, but then one more show dropped. One more performance.

Here’s my Top 10 (8 out of 10 have audio description):

10) Kyle MacLaughlin (Joe Vs Carol) Peacock

9) Nick Offerman (Pam and Tommy) Hulu

8) Christopher McDonald (The watcher) Netflix

7) Dan Stevens (Gaslit) Starz

6) Norbert Leo Butz (The Girl From Plainville) Hulu

5) Ray Liotta (Blackbird) Apple Plus

4) Shea Wiggham (Gaslit) Starz

3) Jamie Bell (Shining Girls) Starz

2) Matthew Goode (The Offer) Paramount Plus

1) Paul Walter Hauser (Blackbird) Apple Plus

There certainly are more people who could have wound up on this list, like Keith David for From Scratch, or Ciaran hines for a brief but memorable turn in The English. But, these are the ones I stuck with. Kyle, Nick, and Christopher were all pretty close, then Dan and Norbert, then Ray, with Shea and Jamie almost tied. Then I had the unpleasant task of demoting one of my favorite performances from last year from Matthew Goode, whose amazing Robert evans voice made me believe he had been resurrected from the grave, because I think Paul Walter Hauser might just have the best performance of the year for any TV series, limited or otherwise. There were some great performances, but I’ll remember his forever. And to think… this guy plays Stingray on Cobra Kai. WTF. It’s like giving an Oscar to Jean Claude Van Damme. I mean, if future me told me it happened, I would just assume he got offered the role of a lifetime. And, our Stingray got that same opportunity.

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