Mac and Rita

Where i watched it: iTunes (though it’s now on Hulu)

English Audio Description?: no

I’m not sure even audio description would have saved this film. I don’t know why Diane Keaton is in this. She did Annie hall. Why does she keep choosing these mediocre and terrible films? It’s like she keeps hoping she’ll have another Something’s Gotta Give, but Mac and Rita just isn’t funny.

The plot revolves around a young woman who is such an old soul that (you really don’t want to know how, it’s too stupid) becomes an old lady. Suddenly, MAc becomes Rita. hilarious.

Most of the film is Diane Keaton running around trying to manically milk something out of a joke. I’ll give her props, because she is really trying here. but sometimes, someone hands you a bag of apples and tells you to make a bookcase. Some things just can’t be done.

This film didn’t have audio description on iTunes, but I suffered through this because I thought my mom would like it. I was wrong. Even the target demo for this movie was bored by it, and she actually liked things like poms and Book Club. I suppose there’s a line in the sand for everyone with every actor, and Diane Keaton just wandered across it. Let’s pull her back.

Mac and Rita isn’t the worst film of the year, but it might be the most perplexing. Something like this should have worked, and it didn’t.

Final Grade: D+

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