Best Of 2022: Top 10 Lead Actor in A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series

Previously, this category led to Jenna Ortega topping my list for her performance in Wednesday, but Supporting Actor was Mark Jackson for The orville, and Supporting Actress was Sadie Sing for Stranger Things, with Walking Dead winning Ensemble. Will a new show have a winner on top, or will one of those other shows repeat? I’m kind of a spread the love kind of guy.

10) Tom Sturridge (The Sandman) Netflix

9) Diego Luna (Andor) Disney Plus

8) Brendan Fraser (Doom Patrol) HBO MAX

7) Karl Urban (The Boys) Amazon

6) JK Simmons (Night Sky) Amazon

5) Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) AMC

4) Seth Macfarlane (The orville) Hulu

3) David Harbor (Stranger Things) Netflix

2) Josh Brolin (Outer Range) Amazon

1) Antony Starr (The Boys) Amazon

I picked Homelander, because if i didn’t… he might kill me. Seriously, Starr is kind of undervalued because he’s one of those love to hate them characters. He’s in a similar place where Negan was at his peak, where it seems impossible that he could ever be redeemed, only I actually believe it is impossible to redeem Homelander. The things we’ve seen him do, far outweigh the things Negan did, and I think The Boys as a series will end with Homelander in the finish. Trying to replace him with a new villain would be a mistake. Sometimes, the dynamic is so set in stone, this show has only one path forward, and that is the constant battle between Butcher and Homelander, and whoever is standing on their sides at each time. Starr’s performance is a bit of a demented Superman, with a ton of manufactured charm that all exists on the surface. The few times we’ve seen him express any true honest emotion, Starr has been up to the challenge.

The rest of my nominees were all fantastic. I know Fraser’s performance is mostly voice work, but he does occasionally actually appear. Either way, he’s the most interesting character on a really great show.

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