Best Of 2022: Top 10 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series

This is my party. I’ll cry if i want to. Other critics are deeply concerned about their lists aligning with the general perception of other critics, or how the way the wind blows at any given time, but me? Nahhhh. One show means the world to me, so this should be the least surprising top 10 result. However, it is nice to see which other nine made the cut.

10) The Peripheral (Amazon)

9) The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

8) Locke and Key (Netflix)

7) Wednesday (Netflix)

6) Outer Range (Amazon)

5) The Boys (Amazon)

4) House Of The Dragon (HBO MAX)

3) The orville (Hulu)

2) Stranger Things (Netflix)

1) The Walking Dead (AMC)

Yes, I’ve made no effort to hide that I’m a huge fan of The walking Dead, and have been for eleven seasons, despite having to watch the last handful of seasons in a bizarre way without audio description. The show I love more than anything doesn’t love me back. But, I have so many memories connected ton this show, and I can get into a deep conversation about this show more than any other show, so it made the top of my list.

Interestingly, based on how the seasons work for most of these shows, I’m predicting this to be almost a 100% completely different list next year. With certain shows already confirmed as not returning until 2024 (Stranger things and House Of The Dragon), plus shows ending their runs (Locke and Key, The Walking Dead, and perhaps The Orville, Outer Range, and The Peripheral) I think it’ll be a clean slate. At best, The Boys slides in with a November /December debut, but I think with the spinoff coming this year, they’ll likely put the focus on that.

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