Best Of 2022: Top 10 Actress In A limited Series

I definitely left off names that earlier in the year I didn’t think I’d be leaving off. This was a tough list to make, and i seemed to have that problem a lot more in Actress categories this year than Actor.

10) Emily Blunt (The English) Amazon

Mallory Johnson (Kindred) Hulu

8) Jessica Biel (Candy) Hulu

7) Lily James (Pam and Tommy) Hulu

5) Amanda Seyfried (The Dropout) Hulu)

5) Kate McKinnon (Joe Vs Carol) Peacock)

4) Julia Roberts (Gaslit) Starz

3) Zoe Saldana (From Scratch) Netflix

2) Elizabeth Moss (Shining Girls) Apple Plus

1) Michelle Pfeiffer (The First Ladies) Showtime

Going into The First Ladies, i wasn’t expecting to like it nearly as much as I did. I also assumed Viola Davis or Gillian Anderson would steal the show. I ended up being blown away by Pfeiffer, who I think we sometimes forget is actually a great actress, and she proved her worth here, giving Betty Ford the spotlight she earned. It was a beautiful and honest performance, and I loved it.

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