Where I Watched it: iTunes

English Audio Description provided By: Audio Eyes

Narrated By: Chris Snyder

Indie science fiction can sometimes push the creators to the creative brink. Typically, they lack the Avatar type funding to make a big budget bonanza, so you get something really interesting, like Primer. vesper is more involved than Primer, but still feels limited in its scope.

It, like many like it, is set in a dystopian future. There are robots, people living outside the “community”, food scarcity, and clearly an entirely new set of rules of governance. Vesper is a girl who scavenges as best as she can to provide for herself and her bedridden (but rather creatively able to communicate) father. Then, after a crash and a stranger enter her life, everything turns upside down. perhaps she won’t have to just eat maggots anymore.

Vesper is interesting enough for one watch, but not really the kind of thing that I’ll remember the details of ten years from now. Even the drawer full of maggots. I think even that will have left my mind. Everything here just feels competent and not exceptional, like I was able to understand why I hadn’t heard of Vesper till I found it floating on VOD. But, it did have audio description.

And with it being a science fiction film with some interesting elements, I would say thanks to those who thought to include the audio description. This would be a waste of time otherwise. But for noww I’d just leave you with the idea that Vesper is fine, if you happen to catch it already on your streaming service or TV. i wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

Final Grade: C+

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