The Redeem Team

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

Apparently there was a period of time where we sucked at Olympic basketball. This is their story.

Actually, this is the story of coming out of that period, so i think this film is basically trying to say that the early 2000’s were not great for us, despite Kobe, Allen iverson, and other All-Stars. it wasn’t until all the cards seemed to stack the right deck (Lebron james) that we could be “redeemed”.

It’s a pretty straightforward nBA documentary, and considering all the other sports docs I’ve seen this year, this is very much on par with those. We get to talk with various basketball players, and the audio description fills in game footage. however, like most talking head docs, you rarely know who is talking, unless you have memorized the voices of every NBA player.

If Basketball is your thing, this is a pretty well done story about a brief moment in Olympic history.

Final Grade: A-

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