Best Of 2022: Top 10 Lead Actress in A Drama Series

We are back in the drama category, which I’ve already spread some love out, with John Lithgow for Supporting Actor in The Old Man, Julia garner for Supporting Actress in Ozark, and the ensemble of For All Mankind. Now, my top 10 actress picks. Some deep cuts as always.

10) Sue Ann Payne (As We See It) Amazon

9) Simone Ashley (Bridgerton) Netflix

8) Carla Gugino (Leopard Skin) Peacock

7) Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Surface) Apple Plus

6) Deborah Ayorinde (Riches) Amazon

5) Britt Lower (Severance) Apple Plus

4) Kris Marshall (For All Mankind) Apple Plus

3) Christine Baranski (The Good Fight) Paramount Plus

2) Laura Linney (Ozark) Netflix

1) Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) Hulu

Moss gets the win here for her terrific and harrowing work last season on The Handmaid’s Tale. Not only did she start the season by returning from killing Fred, but she faced off with Serena, eventually needing to help her deliver her baby, making a calculating decision to let Serena experience what a Handmaid’s goes through, watching as the American’s try and liberate Hannah, having a complicated discussion with those she thought might be on her side like Nick, and being run over by a truck, before fleeing the country and watching Luke getting arrested. She had… a season. Of course, June Osborne’s life is harder than most people would ever be able to take. Moss attacks it all with the level of a pit viper that’s just been shaken in a bag and is ready to kill.

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