The Silent Twins

Where i Watched it: Peacock

English Audio Description?: Yes

Narrated by Claudia Dunn

Based on a true story about two twin girls who only talked to each other and the odd things that they did. I barely remember this film. I remember it trying to feel like a horror movie without actually being one. It’s a true story, and there are no ghosts. The ending is more effective than anything else, as it lets you know how things happened once the movie is over.

The girls are played at two different ages, young and old, and the four women who do this are all fantastic in their roles. Even if the film is struggling at times to make their case feel compelling for a feature length movie, they do a good job of being in their own world. I didn’t even catch the narration information, since it was on Peacock, but I’ve heard Claudia Dunn’s voice enough times to be able to recognize her.

I’m not sure there’s much to see here. it’s a short review, but perhaps this should have been a shorter film, or an episode in a TV series. I’m not sure this was the best format.

Final Grade: C

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