Easter Sunday

Where i Watched It: iTunes

English Audio Description?: Yes

Does anyone remember Chairman Of The Board? it was this 90’s movie where a movie studio gave Carrot Top money to make and star in his own film. There are so many instances like that over the years, where a comic seems hot at the time, but a studio has no idea what to do with them. So, they either give full creative control to the comedian (ala Louie CK and the legendarily awful Pootie Tang) or they plug them into completely lifeless films. Ellen Degeneres (Mr Wrong), Ricki lake (Mrs Winterbourne), Fran Drescher (The Beautician and the Beast), Jenna Elfman (Krippendorf’s Tribe), all come to mind. It didn’t stop in the 90’s. Chris Kattan (Corky Romano), Norm MacDonald (Screwed), and Lisa Kudrow (Marci X) all suffered from the being funny, but what do we actually do with them effect.

Easter Sunday is just another forgettable comedy that barely anyone saw that was likely intended to jump start a career. It won’t. It centers around Joe Coi basically playing himself, an actor with middling fame, who has invested in his brother’s food truck, only to find out that the truck is being repurposed into some dumbass Swag truck. Then, there’s some nonsense about coming across a legendary boxing glove, being stalked by a gang, and all of this takes place around Easter.

It is supposed to be a showcase of talent, but it really just showcases bad decisions, and scripts that feel like they came off an assembly line. While the film isn’t terrible, or nearly as bad as some of those previously listed films, it likely will stop Hollywood from throwing more money at this comic.

Yes it has audio description, but the film is not hard to follow anyway. It wasn’t written with any level of complexity. Lightning didn’t strike to make this movie happen. it just… exists.

Final Grade: C-

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